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  1. You do realise that Charlie and Dicko raise funds towards to club from running them coaches e.g. in the past they have provided us with training gear etc.
  2. What has happened to Rhys Browne? - Does anyone know how long he is out for **Update** NM - Just seen Askey's update just posted
  3. This is where it all comes together. Salford 0 - 4 Port Vale (Pope '11, Smith '14, Amoo '28, Montano '71)
  4. I highly doubt Naldrane would be betting on us going down. Anyone with a brain can see that squad is better than last years travesty. We will end up mid table.
  5. It took Wilder 9 rounds to knock out Molina, AJ knocked him out in 3. It was a good knock out but Breazeale should never had been in the ring saturday. Likewise with Ruiz when Joshua fights him June 1st.
  6. Twitter linking us with Victor Naldrane again, maybe there was some truth in his rift with Norman?
  7. Yeah that's the waterfront mate probs go there then city centre for a bit
  8. Which spoons you heading, city centre or waterfront?
  9. Fixed! Easy to get your Belgians and your Bulgarians mixed up
  10. Experienced Bulgarian forward Victor Naldrane rumored to be signing a short term deal according to unofficial vale on twitter
  11. Yeah £2 more, just been get some tickets and they arent aware of the issues on the phone line. Anyone on here drinking in Manchester before?
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