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  1. My 50th on the Sunday. Be at Vale on the Monday. 2 parties in 2 days. Bring it on.
  2. Was told yesterday what's happened. My thoughts go out to DC. He must feel absolutely devastated & heart broken. All the best to him & his family.
  3. Off the City forum 'Gutted about Robinson,I think we are losing a very good player.Has a bit of Trippier about him'
  4. How do you know we weren't in the mix? We could of offered Dennis a contract & even placed a bid. He might just fancy Italy & turned us down. Do any of us know yet?
  5. If you go on you tube there's plenty of player after match interviews in which they state that if they don't perform or in fact if they do perform that their place still isn't guaranteed. I've seen Proctor, Wilson, Garrity, Jones etc all accept this & say they are happy. They understand DC's philosophy that every game/side is different & he'll pick a side he thinks will do the job on that particular match day. I have no worries regarding players being upset or unhappy for this reason
  6. Katchunga (Bolton) out for 3 months. Possible recall for Politic?
  7. Best thing you should do is go & support Swindon. Only for your mental health.
  8. Joining St Patrick's Athletic on a 3 year deal apparently.
  9. She's a running duck yes. A magpie duck. Good knowledge. She was found at my allotment about 4 months ago & was believed abandoned/lost so took her in. Now fully grown & now seems very happy.
  10. Was going ask Ray to Walker on. 🤑
  11. Hi fellow Valiants. I was thinking of asking Carol if my pet duck could be mascot for a game in the near future. She'd gladly walk around the pitch & I'm sure she'd bring amusement to the youngsters. You see her here sporting her Vale scarf. What do you think?
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