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  1. Yeah I was thinking the same to be honest. It was an E-type drophead if I remember correctly, but didn't Smurf proclaim a few months ago that he then sold that car on for a $30k profit or something like that? He may well have bought another one or something.
  2. As Eastleigh are my local non league club (saw them play three times last season), I know for sure that they have a wealthy owner and backer, who is pumping in large sums of money for that level. They are an ambitious club who want to get into the football league - they remind me a bit of the rise of clubs like Fleetwood, Crawley Town, even Rushden & Diamonds before that. They have got players like Dan Harding on their books (ex Forest and Millwall), James Constable and also had Matt Tubbs on loan last season aswell amongst other well known and established Football league players. So it would not surprise me in the slightest if Eastleigh were able to offer better financial terms than us for Duffy, as depressing as that sounds. I thought Duffy was decent for us last season, excellent in the promotion season of 2012/13 too, but did suffer from a drop in form inbetween and was poor in the 2014-15 season. (as were several other players for that matter). Big re-building job on the hands of the next Vale manager for next season.
  3. The thing is you never really know what Smurf is going to do next, that's the joy of having him as our chairman! He may well say that the budget might be a reduced, players have to take pay cuts etc. But as has been seen in the past 12 months, he changes his mind like the weather. That was proved by the fact he said there was no money left in the kitty to fund new loan signings/short -term signings then a few weeks later he went and signed both Theo Robinson and Matthew Kennedy on loan from Cardiff!
  4. Very much looking forward to going to the Euros in France. Flying out to Bordeaux on the 12 June. For 9 nights. Got tickets for Austria v Hungary game in Bordeaux via the UEFA ticket ballot. Also got a mates stag do in Toulouse later on that week and we have all got tickets to various games. Also going to Wales v Russia game in Toulouse on the 20 June, mates had a couple of spare tickets.
  5. No. Took around 2,300 to Wolves. Filled all of the lower tier of their side stand. Jacko - The away end at Brammall Lane this season I imagine the away allocation was more than 3,000 if demand sufficed, plus the JJB stadium, Oakwell, Ricoh arena on Boxing day etc? I know we didn't take anywhere near those amounts to any of those places this season, just saying if there was demand, the option would have been there..
  6. Talking of away followings, when was the last time we took a 3,000+ away following somewhere for a league match? My guess would be Wycombe away final game of the promotion season three years ago.. What a fantastic day that was :) Goes without saying that higher league positions results in much higher home and away followings, both us and Walsall are no different. In the promotion season of 2012-13 we took some 700+ fans down to the Gillingham, think we beat them 2-1...Yet when I went to see us play there a few weeks ago, we struggled to take even 150 fans!! Seen us play Walsall at the Bescot Stadium twice before. The one we beat them 2-0 when Popey scored, (took 1,145 that one going off other posts), and I think we drew with them 0-0 in our relegation season in 2007-08 season. Both teams were awful that today. Think we took about 1,000 there that occasion.
  7. Even in our promotion season of 2012-13 season I think our home average attendance at VP was around 5,800, basically around 1,000 more than what we currently getting this season. It was only really the last two home league games (Burton & Northampton), where the gates massively swelled as it would do with all similar sized/equivalent clubs on the verge of promotion at such a pivotal stage of the season etc. In our first season back in League One I think we were averaging around 6,000-6,200 following on from the euphoria of our first promotion in some two decades which were also swelled by large away followings by the likes of Coventry and Wolves if my memory serves me correctly? I agree I think we are maybe 500-700 fans down on what we should be getting at the moment, probably down to the uncertainty surrounding the club and the negativity that has gone with the owners comments/outbursts in the past few months. In the 5 home games I have been to this season, I don't think the quality of football on offer has been that bad at all and certainly an improvement on the previous two seasons (which admittedly was not too difficult in all honesty). Prior to the Burton and Barnsley defeat (the latter of which we really should of secured at least a point from), we had only lost one league game at home in some 6 months! So I don't think it's necessarily the football on offer at the moment which is the sole/main reason why the fans are staying away.
  8. I have never known us to sell out the full 1,800 allocation for Shrewsbury away. We have traditionally always taken between 1,000-1,300 there on past visits, which is steady but pretty average considering. Saying that we have always been vocal and the two occasions I went (2-1 win and the 2-2 draw in mid-week one season), the atmosphere in the away end was excellent. Imagine around 1,200-1,300 odd will go on Friday.
  9. How many did we take to Wigan in the end last Saturday? Regardless of their poor run of form, a club of Coventry's league position, size of their club, one hour journey etc should really be seeing them bring at least 2,000+ to Vale Park on Sunday. A gate of around 6,500-7,000 would at least be respectable given the fact we have collected 6 points from our last 3 games. The last deserve a good backing from the Vale faithful.
  10. Thought we looked very poor in the first half on Sunday. Their 3rd goal pretty much summed it up - farcical defending from all involved at the back. There was no way in a million years we were coming back from 3 goals down at the New Den. McGivern, Dicko and co all had a nightmare of a day, the sooner the first half horror show is forgotten the better really. They were streets ahead of us. Probably the first time I have seen us outclassed and outperformed by a much better side in this division from the games I have been to this season. Second half was an improvement, probably a mixture of us improving and them taking their foot off the gas a little bit. JJ Hooper looked lively, would certainly be in favour of him starting away games in the future, took his goal very well too. Apart from the 90 minutes of Football, was a very good day session spent in London Bridge before and after the game.
  11. I was going to go this game and originally planned to head up from the South Coast on the morning of the game. Thankfully hadn't booked a train ticket in advance but with having a network railcard (basically allows you a third off all railfare on routes around the South), was going to just buy my ticket on the day. Will still probably go the re-arranged game on the Sunday I imagine. Can understand others frustrations and annoyance though who had already pre-booked tickets.
  12. Spot on CV, common sense talking at last. I seriously doubt Smurf would have factored in or banked on the extra funds that reaching FA Cup round 3 would bring at the beginning of the season ($200k+ or whatever it is). You only have to look at our record of reaching FA Cup round 3 recently (3 times in the past 11-12 seasons?), to know it would have been foolish banking on or forecasting at the beginning of the season we would be bringing in extra revenue streams through this particular area.
  13. Winning Football matches whilst not playing so well is not particularly a bad thing is it? Would be very harsh and unfair to say Page won 4 League games in a row was fluke. Things aren't perfect, I was there at the Bury away game aswell. Away form needs to be seriously looked at we definitely need to bring in another Striker to ease the current goals shortage away from home. But I've seen some positives from the home games I've attended so far this season which unfortunately gets brushed under the carpet.
  14. So those stats basically work out at 1.3 points per game on average, just shy of 60 Points in a season? That's about mid-table form then, and doesn't sound all that bad does it when you dig into it. You certainly won't be getting relegated getting 60 points in a season. It's steady, if not spectacular. You see, we can all use Statistics to suit own arguments Paul. Up until two weeks ago, we had won five games in a row (albeit one of them including the replay against Maidenhead). Did we even achieve the feat of winning 4 or 5 league games in a row in our promotion season? I don't think we did to be honest with you. Page is in his first full season in charge, it's so easy to forget that. Give the guy a chance for goodness sake. Another stat to go with - We are currently 12 places higher in the Football league pyramid now than when Page took over from Adams when we were staring down the barrel at League Two football, with many on here already giving up the ghost and resigned ourselves to League Two football by the end of September last year. Thankfully Page didn't have such negative vibes. Is our position of being 11th in League One (and 4 points off the play-offs), the disaster that some on here would have you believe? I'm no happy-clapper, but what I will say is that the players we have brought in this Summer (Alnwick, Grant, Purkiss, Foley, Uche, Inniss etc), are a damn sight better than some of the players we had starting out for us in the 2014/15 season. Be careful what you wish for.
  15. To be fair, those comments above are bang on the money. Completely agree there. Page IN. We are 11th in League One for goodness sake. Which is currently 12 places higher than what he inherited when he took over Adams mess. Please should be careful what they wish for.
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