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  1. I think this is called blind optimism isn’t it?
  2. I’ve just watched the goals again. Check out the reaction of our lads to going 3-2 up with theirs when they make it 4-3. It couldn’t be more different. We knew it wasn’t over. They knew they’d won. Amazing.
  3. Agree. That and “who would replace him though?”, the Dean Glover defence.
  4. Yep. I actually don’t think he could much more. He hasn’t got anyone better than Legge or Smith. God knows what has happened to Clark, it leaves Mills as the only RB. He hasn’t got a better LB than Fitzpatrick. But he is responsible for that mess, not us! Same in midfield. He needs to shore up today but has no one who can do that. It’s his squad. Simple.
  5. Agreed! What a waste of the promise and potential of the first year of the Shanahan reign.
  6. I would have brought on the centre half I bought in the summer. He’s better than Brisley and Crooks. I bought him in the summer when I thought that I might need him if one of my centre halves was injured or suffered a loss in form. In fact, after the last 8 games, I would have started with him, so I wouldn’t have been that worried at half time.
  7. I’m not sure I am. I agree about your point about the current situation making maneuverability difficult. I get that. And maybe it isn’t the wise thing to do to get rid now. But my point about the thinness of quality stands. If JA’s recruitment had been better we wouldn’t be having this debate.
  8. But if he had built a decent squad he could drop Smith and Legge. The fact that he obviously doesn’t trust the understudies, Brisley and Crookes, suggests that his squad isn’t good enough. And the manager is responsible for that. It’s not about being dealt a poor hand. He picked the cards himself.
  9. And some on here refuse to see the evidence of what is right in front of them.
  10. Yeah, still lots wrong, and I’ve had to lower my back expectations, and I definitely agree that we are terrible when playing against teams who are defensively set up, and I still think Askey’s summer recruitment of strikers was poor, Rodney apart. But... at least we’re not losing!
  11. Frustrating, but can’t help feeling that, after those 6 defeats, the last 3 results represent a steadying of the ship. We’ve played 3 decent teams and have held our own. I’m feeling a bit more positive.
  12. I wonder who they’ll both get ? According to some on here, there are no decent managers out there. We’ll see, I guess.
  13. Just watched the highlights again and Colchester themselves had a number of decent chances which just went wide. One thing I have noticed in recent weeks is how many times opposition forwards get their shots off without our defenders managing to block them. I've noticed this particularly when Smith is defending, he seems to have stopped getting quite so close to them as he has done previously. Not here to blast Smithy by the way, love him.
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