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  1. Good stuff lads! My grand parents used to live at the top right of the Hamil so always going to have an interest in what's happening in a season like this, the target at the start of the season would have been a playoff place and if it turns out that's where we are at then the lads would have definately made the target.. Clarkey has a promotion via that route too, last time we actually were in a playoff type position was 1993 I think.. Just when I heard the lads were sinking to the floor at the end of the game, we have to pick them up and look at the big picture.. they are a great bunch of lads and are doing what they can and there's very much still a good chance we can go up if we can feed the positivity through to them..
  2. I'm a Vale fan in Perth Australia at the moment, I have no doubt that these players are giving it everything they have, they need our support.. so now it's time to really give this to them.. I love this football team, I love these players, I'd retain the lot of them given the chance.. it's time to show some love, they have been on an epic run, no-one cares more than them lacing those boots so this is a battle cry to get behind them and believe in them as if we don't get the autos there's still another 4 games to go!!! Thanks to the Vale team and please never give in!!
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