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  1. 2 hours ago, geosname said:

    Why should I care he is gay?

    Why should anyone care?

    What makes people who dont know him want to know?

    When Schofield came out did Gordon know? Did Gordon care? If he didn't why should anyone else?

    Would hope you'd see chickensteve's post and maybe get the importance of LGBT visibility in the disproportionately straight world of men's football. We get male footballers' heterosexuality shoved in our faces constantly and I don't see you commenting about that. Absolutely insane that you're an admin on this site ffs

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  2. isn't the main reason we didn't sell out that no one could plan their journey to Swindon or any time off work they needed until they'd bought tickets, which only went on sale 3 days before the match, and only in person.


    I missed the chance to swap my Sunday shift for Friday cos I only managed get a ticket last night, so I've got to get back to SE London for work at 5pm still, and I'm one of the lucky ones.

  3. Baffled by the mentions of the emirates, new wembley and stadium mk. been to all three and they're an absolute stain on stadium architecture. Leitch is turning in his grave. 

    Think best I've been to is the San Siro, joke of a ground that'd never get built in that style today sadly. 

    Portman Road, Kenilworth Road, Bramall Lane, Villa Park, the old WHL, Roots Hall, The Hawthorns, Carrow Road and The Valle all have elements I'd love to see inspire any new development at Vale Park but Loftus Road is the absolute pinnacle of what a small stadium should aim to be tbh

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  4. 17 hours ago, Regal Beagle said:

    Biden casually being a massive racist today by ruling out many judges based on their sex and skin colour.





    Maybe he thought that it's only fair to have a bit more black representation on that side of the justice system seeing as the USA's prisons have such a disproportionate number of black people in them.

  5. Good read on Ryan Edmondson, how far we have come, and are heading can not help but feel a little exited.
    Ryan-Edmondson.jpg WWW.FOOTBALLINSIDER247.COM  
    Interesting quote from Whelan:

    "He’s been given this opportunity of minutes. It’ll guarantee minutes for Ryan Edmondson, but he has to take this with open arms."

    So presumably we have to play him or he goes back. Can't imagine we allowed Leeds to sneak that in if Proctor was back any time soon.
  6. On 23/12/2021 at 22:30, Joe B said:

    That wasn't because of Hughes though.

    Pope was scoring at such a ludicrous rate (I think 20 in his first 21) that he was on for a 45 goal season and would have shattered records. It wasn't sustainable and Micky knew it. Pope was going to dip, and he did, before pulling it back vs Cheltenham.

    Add to that, JMW and Vincent were in the form of their careers; they'd never played as well as that before (or since) and the prospect of it continuing for 46 games was impossible. 

    We needed someone to come in and guarantee 1 in 2, adding a bit of promotion experience to the side. If we hadn't got Hughes in, Pope's dip still would have occurred as he simply wasn't going to keep scoring at that level, and we'd have had no reliable other options.

    Pope's never really scored goals as part of a front two, always ended up being the foil for the likes of ALF, Vaughan and Rico, so you can't really use those seasons as evidence he couldn't keep up his goalscoring in 12/13. He'd finally been given license to take up goalscoring positions unchallenged and I see no reason why that couldn't continue to equal goals.


    According to Hughes he was a Smurf signing, not an Adams one so that doesn't really support the idea that Adams felt Pope couldn't keep up his scoring form. I've no read Adams' book though. 

  7. 1 hour ago, darren1810 said:

    Hughes equivalent. 

    If Proctor and Wilson are still gonna be injured for most of Jan then obviously we need goals, but with Hughes in the side in 12/13 we went from contenders to win the league to barely scraping 3rd so I'm not sure he's the best example.

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  8. 7 hours ago, For Us All said:

    More good news as we sign a free trade deal with Australia worth £10 billion.It also allows 18-35 year olds to to work and travel in Australia for up to three years at at a time, removing previous visa requirements.

    It will boost our economy by £2.3 billion per year and unlock £10.4 billion of imports and exports by 2035.

    MORE good news? didn't think this year could get any better but here we are. Now tasteless trust fund <ovf censored> can extend their gap years travelling around one of the most culturally bereft countries on earth. So grateful.

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