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  1. trying to be Off-White w those socks. their stupid fans will lap that up.
  2. Odd ones like in a pre-season friendly where the main taker has already put one away and it'd be good for his confidence to get on the scoresheet you mean?
  3. ah yes, women who famously get more work in tv and film as they get older.
  4. We can have Scott "Chilavert" Brown taking them once the season starts for all I care, but the second penalty was a good chance for a striker to get among the goals and build some confidence. Mad that people don't think that's a good idea.
  5. not sure Conlon should be taking both penalties when we've got new strikers who could do with goals under their belts going into the season. Rodney looked a bit put out by it as well. generally p encouraging though
  6. Hands off Are bras. Are country. Are Boris. Are Racoons 🇬🇧
  7. found this quote from a Salford fan when they signed him: Really excited about seeing Danny Whitehead in our colours next season. Definitely a coup for the club having obtained his signature given interest in him from elsewhere. Speaking to a Macclesfield season ticket holder today who was gutted to see him leave them but is confident that he will be immense for us! not quite first hand but more reliable than looking at his stats on soccerbase
  8. if you're interested in art but find a lot of the discourse around it alienating then the white pube can be a good way in- although since lockdown most of their reviews have been on games. still interesting writing though and they have a different artist in residence on their website every month (July's one: https://www.thewhitepube.co.uk/david-parnell) ig: https://www.instagram.com/thewhitepube/
  9. "So love, just before we commit to this, I want to warn you that's there's going to come a time... a time when I'm sat for hours a day arguing on a thread on a football forum about racism- presumably using my vast expertise on the subject. When that inevitably happens, I fully understand if you start looking elsewhere. But be warned. I will have to divorce you." I mean, who hasn't had that conversation with their future spouse?
  10. Yeah how dare they take it down because of a rights issue, the leftwaffe scum. Depriving the world of genius moments of comedy such as "bus w*nkers!" and "football friend!". How will we survive?
  11. Patel voted against making it illegal for businesses to discriminate on the basis of caste so not really. That video will be the first time a lot of tories have believed someone who's said they've been racially abused.
  12. is it Kim Gordon, Burt? I like Joanna Newsom, don't really have much of a knowledge of female singers though. Kate Rusby's got a nice voice but it gets a bit boring. Oh, actually, Zooey Deschanel
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