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  1. a moving tribute. thanks Howjy04.
  2. how many times have you said "it's referee not refershe"?
  3. Oyeleke MOTM so far. all those <ovf censored> idiots slagging him off for having the nerve to take a knock to the head v Newport must be gutted.
  4. have a go on these for starters. although they're from the snowflake lefty liberal Daily Mail so take 'em with a pinch of salt. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4222482/Stormzy-Chelsea-home-mistakenly-raided-police.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9075039/Courts-service-apologises-second-black-barrister-mistaking-defendant.html although tbh even the DM's language there is trying to subtly undermine the black people in question. then there's this from Robbie or are you gonna accuse him of playing "the black card"? Add
  5. Cullen was bright and played with a lot of intent when he came on on Saturday. Not sure he's ever done that away from home though. Think tonight's a big moment in his Vale career.
  6. aye by "done nowt" I mean not had any success. good knowledge though m8
  7. Get Nigel Pearson in. Done nowt since Leicester and needs to drop down to restore his rep.
  8. there's no convincing me that the manner of Legge's 2nd yellow or Joyce's complete disinterest in tracking Ollie Clarke for their 4th were the actions of players who cared about Askey keeping his job. Or Smith pushing their lad over the the second pen either tbh.
  9. to me Alexander represents failure with a large budget. And at his big age he should've known not to associate himself with those class of '92 scumbags Just cos you've heard of someone doesn't mean they're good.
  10. problem with PP is he leaves at the first whiff of money
  11. that's a very interesting question Biddulph_PV
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