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  1. Mi dispiace vederlo partire, legge la partita così bene. Questo è determinismo nominativo per te.
  2. Interesting quote from Whelan: "He’s been given this opportunity of minutes. It’ll guarantee minutes for Ryan Edmondson, but he has to take this with open arms." So presumably we have to play him or he goes back. Can't imagine we allowed Leeds to sneak that in if Proctor was back any time soon.
  3. Any word on contract length? Cheltenham fans say he's too slow for L1 so it'd be a concern if we had him down for 2.5 years when L1's where we want to be.
  4. Love all the Brentford fans saying yesterday was a nice reminder of where they've been and a part of their history. Trust me lads, it's gonna be your future as well.
  5. can't believe no-one's said John Durnin
  6. Pope's never really scored goals as part of a front two, always ended up being the foil for the likes of ALF, Vaughan and Rico, so you can't really use those seasons as evidence he couldn't keep up his goalscoring in 12/13. He'd finally been given license to take up goalscoring positions unchallenged and I see no reason why that couldn't continue to equal goals. According to Hughes he was a Smurf signing, not an Adams one so that doesn't really support the idea that Adams felt Pope couldn't keep up his scoring form. I've no read Adams' book though.
  7. If Proctor and Wilson are still gonna be injured for most of Jan then obviously we need goals, but with Hughes in the side in 12/13 we went from contenders to win the league to barely scraping 3rd so I'm not sure he's the best example.
  8. MORE good news? didn't think this year could get any better but here we are. Now tasteless trust fund <ovf censored> can extend their gap years travelling around one of the most culturally bereft countries on earth. So grateful.
  9. slow it down and it looks like he might not get a touch. still not a red though
  10. to the tune of Closer by Nine Inch Nails: You let me violate you You let me desecrate you You let me penetrate you You let me complicate you Help me; I broke apart my insides Help me; i've got no soul to sell Help me; the only thing that works for me Help me get away from myself I wanna <ovf censored> you like an animal I wanna feel you from the inside I wanna <ovf censored> you like an animal My whole existence is flawed You get me closer to God You can have my isolation; you can have the hate that it brings You can have my absence of faith; you can have my everything Help me tear down my reason Help me; it's your sex I can smell Help me; you make me perfect Help me become somebody else I wanna <ovf censored> you like an animal I wanna feel you from the inside I wanna <ovf censored> you like an animal My whole existence is flawed You get me closer to God Through every forest, above the trees Within my stomach, scraped off my knees I drink the honey inside your hive You are the reason I stay alive
  11. that's us losing tomorrow then am I right?! cue cry laugh emojis all round
  12. How do you tell just by driving through somewhere if "it needs to be slowed down"?
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