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  1. Great idea for the club and it was a great atmosphere in there for the Swindon match, but I hope they've got a plan for security and segregation. 

    There seems to be an ever increasing amount of numpties doing "Eastern European Football Hooligan" cosplay at football recently. Seeing every away match as some sort of battle where they must set off as many flares, provoke as many people and cause as much damage as possible.

    One thing good about Vale Park is that the Hamil Road end is separate from the rest of the stadium, with bus parking behind it for these youths in their fake Stone Island jackets to be shepherded back on to with minimal fuss.

    And one good thing about the Lorne Street was that it is far away even from that. And we're not just playing Stevenage and Salford with a few hundred fans now. So they will be right up amongst it after two cans of lager.

    Anyway.. I'm sure they have a plan, and in Carol I trust.

  2. Such an amazing atmosphere. I can still feel my heart beating in my ears. Now I just need to convince my wife that the atmosphere (and positivity) is like that at every match and she may come more often. She has 100% win rate and is coming to Wembley...

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  3. It depends how easy it is to park busses near the Bycars and chaperon away fans to the stadium in terms of policing. Having busses right behind the Hamil Road end must be easier for them.

    But it definitely seemed to work better. Much better facilities, better acoustics (when my ears stop ringing, I'll know), and walking back down Hamil Road without a load helmets following the away team milling about looking for trouble was a novelty. Put some panels up so you can't see the pitch from the Bycars with a beer and all good to go

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  4. 2-1 and we do it in extra time. Fifth minute of the first half, Swindon are shooting towards the Hamil Road end, soft indirect free kick... Swindon player breezes through our defenders who haven't woken up yet, passes it to the back post for a soft tap in. Vale do nothing for the rest of the half. Some people boo them off.

    45 - 55th minutes, Vale come flying out of the blocks and get nowhere. And this time...for once... we don't concede a soft goal on the counter attack. Score in the 70th minute... fans behind the team... score in the 83rd minute. Shell shocked Swindon play like a pub team and we score two more in extra time 

    There. Script written

  5. Are the Swindon fans being given the full length of the Bycars (or in the half right next to the Lorne Street)? I have a spare season ticket seat and my wife wants to come. But I don't think it's her best starting point if she's sitting in seat 38 with a bunch of teenage Two-Can Van Dammes sat as close as possible to home fans after having a few lager tops...

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