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  1. 1 hour ago, DazFred said:

    Just seen the Nigel Clough interview. 

    Apparently they have had bad decisions since the 3rd game of the season against Colchester!

    He says we should have had Garrity sent off v Oldham,and Proctor handballed it at Hartlepool.

    When a manager is analysing decisions of other teams,and moaning about decisions 40 games ago,you know they are getting desperate.

    I'll stick with Andy Crosby. Doesn't give too much away,doesn't blame the ref,just gets on with it and plays the cards he is dealt.

    One game at a time

    What a moaning sod he is. Grow a pair and get on with it. At the end of the season if you are good enough you get promoted. All teams could plead a case for poor refs, bad luck and dodgy decisions. Glad we have our management. If we don't make it I'm sure we won't hear any sob stories. The table never lies.

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  2. It looks as if Bury can start the long road back following the purchase of Gigg Lane by their fans groups. Welcome news to their supporters following the disastrous period o[ ownership. Makes you think. Thank god for the Shannahans.

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