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  1. Be careful Howjy he will start bring your mother into it shortly, the ******* scruffy jobless bull sh1tter.
  2. So you are saying you went to Vale and sat in the noisy part of the paddock (As promised) ? Funny because that is where I sat at the time and I think I would have noticed a scruff in a pink Everton shirt. No, just more BS from the king of bollox. A simple screenshot of your £500 oops sorry £50 bet would shut me up wouldn't it...but you are just full of it. Are you enjoying the bank holiday weekend? Oh every weekend is a bank holiday when you are a lazy dole dosser. A bull ******** one at that And a welcher too.
  3. It is still May RZ there is plenty of time.
  4. A made up bet you mean, I was still waiting for you to turn up at Vale in a pink Everton top after you said Sterling would never sign for Man City or for £50m so don't go on about noone having the balls to take you up on a bet. Welcher. Ooops, meant to type £50, typo.
  5. Don't you remember saying you put £500 on Liverpool to win the champions league? Wonder why that is
  6. They weren't flukey goals they were awful goalkeeping errors and unbeleivably costly and sunday league standard errors. A fluke is when the ball hits a beach ball and sends the keeper the wrong way. I don't think you can make out that on another day Liverpool might have won as the gulf in class was there for all to see. Anyway I was a Liverpool fan for 90 minutes but normal service is resumed now. I hope you cashed your bet out at some point.
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/transfer-window-premier-league-revealed-how-a-transfer-deal-really-works-a7837031.html It might do you some good to read that TJH. Then at least you might have some understanding of how things work and maybe that will ease your frustrations a bit. Unless you still believe West Ham just paid Preston £10m and then Preston just gave us £1.9m just like that
  8. It is still May though to be fair. There is about 12 weeks till the start of the season.
  9. So you believe most transfers are paid in full on the day the player signs? And as for your garbage about only having hope, that's all football fans of all clubs have at this stage of a season. New signings and a fresh chance for the club to do well. You however just run the club and signings down at every opportunity and it's getting a little boring.
  10. Getting to a league cup final probably helped Bradford as well beating Villa and Arsenal on the way. Hard to make a fair comparison.
  11. It was in the national papers that we were to be paid in installments...unless Smurf paid them off? nearly all transfers are paid in installments. Your lack of knowledge is behind your frustration and it shows. Do a bit of reading ffs. You also said the same about Dior when we signed him though too didn't you.
  12. I wouldn't bother, he/she routinely ignores posts that prove their point wrong.
  13. Before JMW joined us he had done nothing of note. One season under Adams and he was in the League 2 team of the year. Since leaving he has hardly achieved anything either.
  14. I thought Sunderland was pretty much Scotland anyway.
  15. Lee Trundle, Gary Roberts, Akinfenwa, Mark Delaney, Christian Doidge, Jimmy Mcnulty, Alan Goodall, Owain Tudor Jones, Eifon Williams, Google is your friend TJH. I notice you ignored my comment informing you that we didn't indeed have a lump sum in January. Is that so you can use that again?
  16. I think Ryan Burge is a head case that no one else even tried with so not a great argument against Adams (our Promotion winning manager) JFC
  17. Just shows that fans are never happy whatever their clubs are doing though. It does look decent but whether it will sell any extra tickets is up for discussion.
  18. Adams got more out of Pope, JMW, Loft, Yates, Dodds, McCombe, etc etc than any other manager in their careers.
  19. No he did not get £1.9m in Jan. If you had read about the transfer anywhere you would have seen that it was to be paid in installments. Why worry about facts though.
  20. Not what their fans are saying though.
  21. I am 100% not saying that they couldn't be doing more, they could do a lot more but I was just wondering if instead of just berating the club that Doha might have some constructive ideas to help.
  22. There is so much bitterness in your posts. You want to try and let go, take a step back, accept you were wrong and start again. It's not good for you.
  23. Highly rated everywhere he has been but not here..wonder why that is.
  24. What should they be doing then Doha? Apart from copying the mighty Colchester? https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/colchesterunited/forum/224451/season-ticket-announcement/#2 Their fans don't seem as on board with this marketing as you are, claims of it being an own goal by the chairman. Amused me though thanks.
  25. I didn't realise you worked in trauma. I did however forget you know everything about everything though. At least you aren't pushing your Buddhism on us any more so that's something.
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