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  1. Article says table to be decided by weighted points per game average, where does that leave us? Also states promotion and relegation ‘yet to be decided’
  2. Disappointing but inevitable given the situation. However according to the press conference given by the PM and CMO yesterday, they’ll be lucky to finish the season if the peak is 10 weeks away...
  3. Looking forward to this match. Been ages since the family and I have been to see Vale, it was well within the dire few months/year of NS reign that we last went. Driving down from York we always try to pick a game or two each season that looks decent, however over the past few years that's been a difficult thing to do! Looking very different now of course, and unlike previous years I'm actually looking forward to going down to Vale Park. Yes a positive result would be great but regardless I think the atmosphere and feeling around the ground will be greatly improved!
  4. How much added time? Why is it always us that’s last to finish!
  5. Must be something to do with the way we’re playing, with stable ownership behind the team, but when we went behind for some reason I wasn’t too concerned, sort of had a feeling we’d score at some point and probably win... it’s starting to remind me of the promotion season where Saturday afternoons were a more enjoyable affair!!! (Touch-wood)
  6. Couldn't make the game today, but certainly feeling more positive about this season. Team seems more settled, nice that there was no panic after the Grimsby scoreline, and we have the belief that we're better than a lot of teams in this division. If this were last season or the season before I'd be relieved only one team goes down. Not this season though - I'm confident we can maintain this start and challenge for the top half/lower playoff positions...
  7. Interesting as well is the situation it now puts leagues one and two in for the rest of the season. 3 down from L1, 4 up from L2. Therefore only 1 down from L2 this season....
  8. ...but (hopefully) a win tonight and still unbeaten is a great start to this season!
  9. Crewe won’t stay top, but Salford are looking surprisingly solid...
  10. So we've fallen behind in the first half - it'll be interesting to see whether we can fight back and get at least a point or more. Early in the season we would have written this game off by now. I'm hoping not now!
  11. A poisoned chalice if ever there was one! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Agree a valiant effort yet defeat against higher opposition would be far less damaging to confidence than a televised (or not) banana skin against the likes of Chasetown or Canvey Island! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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