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  1. I saw a clip of Corbyn on his megaphone 📣 telling everyone that the Pandemic was a pack of lies...
  2. I'm saying more people will survive now if they have to go hospital. If they are delayed until Flu season then it will cause huge problems and many times more people will end up dead in the long run.
  3. I believe short term pain for long term gain is better. Get the cases processed now. Even though its awful, then we can start to rebuild for the future. You seem to think delaying these cases so they then coincide with Flu season should be hailed as a tremendous success. An obvious difference of opinion. But I guess we'll have to agree to disagree as we seem to be going around in circles.
  4. Looking at the latest information it's starting to look like this will just become another virus that keeps circulating around the world forever and every year kill huge numbers of people. Similar to... Aids/HIV 700,000 deaths a year Seasonal flu 500,000 deaths a year Malaria 405,000 deaths a year and many more ways humans die every year from viruses and so forth that we stil haven't ever defeated... So we could perhaps expect Covid-19 will be around 650,000 deaths a year. But as with all the others once its no longer the big news story we get numb to the deaths. They won't be mentioned on the TV in a few years but will still keep happening. The only way you'll even know about them is if you research the information by yourself online. This is the fickle world we live in or maybe its just the way it has to be for us to cope with such depressing news. The challenge now for the counries who are percieved to have "done well" is how many years can they afford to keep their citizens in that David Vetter style boy in bubble they've created. Because as soon as the bubble is breached we all know only to well what starts to happen. --- Latest News from WHO : This virus may never go away The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that Covid-19 may be here to stay. "This virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities and this virus may never go away," Michael Ryan, the WHO's emergencies director, told a virtual press conference in Geneva. "HIV has not gone away ", There are many attempts being carried out around the world to develop a vaccine but experts say there is a risk that one may never be created. Meanwhile, as countries across the globe start easing lockdown measures, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that the process could trigger new waves of infections. Ryan said there was lots of "magical thinking" surrounding countries opening back up. He added that there was a "long, long way to go" on the path to returning to normal.
  5. The excess deaths that are not Covid deaths are one of the downsides of been in Lockdown.. Source: https://www.onevalefan.co.uk/forum/topic/42513-coronavirus/page/115/?tab=comments#comment-904465
  6. Are you qualified to post the dangerous rubbish you keep posting? The NHS has said people haven't been turning up or have been cancelling normal appointments and A&E visits have plummeted since the Lockdown and they have been trying to encourage people to return. Where have you been to not know this? Also the figures back me up. If you remember right at the start of all this when all the twitter fools were angrily demanding Boris to put the country in Lockdown, the experts at the briefing at the time said that we can only expect people of the UK to adhere strictly to a lockdown for only a few weeks, after that people would start to come out and ignore it. This was why they didn't want to apply it too early as they knew it would only work for a relatively short period in the UK. So, they wanted to time the best of the lockdown so it coincided with the main national peak of the virus. We are not China or Vietnam we can't force our citizens to stay imprisoned in their homes or face spending years in a real prison. This is a democracy, so as you are seeing with your own eyes the Lockdown is over as it can’t be enforced and is useless anyway. As countries without Lockdowns have proven.
  7. Looking at the excess death figures this whole lockdown and the stay at home and protect the NHS slogan has been a disastrous. This must be why they’ve dropped it. The Lockdown is getting close to causing as many deaths as the actual Covid-19 has. For example seeing all this campaigning to help the NHS by staying at home and all the rainbow 🌈 pictures drawn by children in the windows and the weekly clapping. Even though it’s nice and meant with good intentions. It’s actually caused tens of thousands of Extra deaths than we needed to have. As in the UK we have such a love and loyalty to the NHS. It’s made people who really needed to go hospital for things not related to Covid not turn up as they feel ashamed and guilt tripped in to not going. So have ended up dying. 😢 So please remember this when encouraging lockdowns and telling people to stay at home. You’re not helping people you’re just increasing the overall amount of deaths. 💀
  8. No need for a vaccine for Covid-19. You could slash that number significantly by using face masks and washing your hands. 🙄 No matter if you feel a Vaccine is needed or not the point I was making is the entire world's best experts and billions of dollars. Working for 40 years every single week to make a Vaccine have not yet got one to work. But every few months right from the start of that outbreak we heard that promising results for a vaccine were happening. Fantastic results in the labs tests didn't end up producing something that actually worked in the real world. Now the media keep getting everyones hopes up again with wild exaggerations, if it happens great but considering there's never been a vaccine for any member of the coronavirus family it can't be treated like its something that will happen soon and used as an excuse to keep everyone locked up for years.
  9. Aids has killed 32 million people and still to this day kills 770,000 every year. Nearly 40 years later and brilliant scientists around the globe working on it there is still no Vaccine. SARS-CoV-1 18 years later Still no Vaccine. SARS-CoV-2 (covid-19) ??? Hmm 🤔
  10. It’s true, Especially for the Democracy based countries. You may be able to enforce years of highly restrictive measures in places like China, Vietnam, North Korea... and never release the true death tolls. But the rest of the world won’t put up with it for long and will start mixing and spreading the virus again.
  11. Unfortunately countries with lower death tolls simply mean they have many tens of thousands of deaths still to come. Also it means they are that bit further back from returning to full normality. An effective vaccine to protect against coronavirus may never be developed, a special envoy to the World Health Organisation (WHO) on COVID-19 has said recently.
  12. When was the last time someone up Hanley had a cold? (Also a Coronavirus) Answer: Every week and Every year of your life. Viruses that pass between people asymptotically like this one we usually just have to learn to live with. I understand Governments need to be seen as doing something. I’m just saying in the long term it will just turn out to be a tremendously expensive and fruitless task. Achieving very little.
  13. But it does neither, but being in Lockdown causes suicide and death from abusive partners, destroys jobs and 100s of other problems that end up killing people. You would have known that if you’d have watched the video. 😃
  14. Don’t worry about it. It makes no difference. This Covid-19 is going to keep going around the world forever. 99% of us will just have a mild illness or won’t even notice we had anything. Roughly the same percentage of people will die in each country. Nothing can be done about that. In the long term all that lockdown achieves is to add 1000s of extra deaths to the totals and wreck peoples jobs and businesses. We can’t just stay locked down for the next 40 years as @Jacko51 and co seem to be seem to be suggesting. Look at the devastation these lockdown’s have already done to world economies in just a matter of weeks. Imagine keeping it going for years. What that would do.
  15. Important: There seems to be so little understanding of this Covid-19 espcially by @thesage @wv and @jacko51 please watch this short 4 minute video that explains why the Lockdown was totally pointless and why every country will end up with rougly the same death toll rate...
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