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  1. Players get injured nature of the game we need build the momentum this league is wide open
  2. Confidence is high we need keep momentum from Tuesday going we need to play
  3. Their midfield were decent combative/ gambled they anticipated stuff we didn’t they were not a good side by any means but we were woeful Lincoln away can get fooked off
  4. Midfield is never in play with our hoof ball tactics
  5. Well at least he’s spent his career at a professional level unlike Neil
  6. Any side goin in at half time 0-0 or 1-1 knows they’ve a great chance we are a one trick pony
  7. Excellent strike but easy when we’re serving up hoof ball non league dross time to go Neil before January window ******* shocking fare
  8. 90 +******* 3 again c the game out boys ffs
  9. Nailed on he'll score terrifying the life out of Smith
  10. Ask the **** what he's doin about next season irrespective of what league were in
  11. Griff would be first choice in this side
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