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  1. Allegedly!!they thought they'de done us after sunday,giving it billy big bollox on social media,the best team over semi final won,big shout to DC and the players,there fans threw a bottle that hit my 9 yr old son on the head,so <ovf censored> him and swindon,see you at Wemberley,Wemberley.UTV⚽️👍
  2. Brilliant,brought a tear that did!! UP THE VALE !!!
  3. Any complaining to the EFL should be concerning the appointment of yesterdays ref.To me no official should take charge of both meetings in the same season and given the fact he had taken charge of the reverse fixture and sent off 2 off their players. The decision does not stand up to the scrutiny of fair play rules.
  4. Cash out,put £50 back on to win the league
  5. Jimmy Greenhoff's goal against York City if i rememmber correctly it was in a 2-1 win in under the floodlights and i've not seen many better volleys,he struck it first time from just outside the box played directly to him from a corner,it was a thing of beauty.Proc's goal today was top drawer,also brilliant technique but more reminiscent of say a young Glen Hoddle and a different type of volley
  6. Its not the fact that we are playing the square pegs in the square pegs that is bringing winning results,it is more to do with the fact that we are playing with the rinde oles in the rinde oles.Full credit to Andy Crosby/staff and the players,3-5-2 is the prefered formation that signings we're brought in to fit.UTV
  7. All things considered we're having a good season to be in 9th position and with our remaining fixtures promotion automatically is in our own hands.I'm not saying it will be achieved and the pessimist in me wouldn't put money on us making the top 7 but we're one of the teams in contention.We need to bring atleast a point home from Harrogate to stay in the mix and it's one of the games in hand and definately winnable.Performances have not been anywhere near our form over the first 21 or so games and the football gods have been against us,we have to keep taking it a game at a time and see where we end up.If we don't make it we'll be we'll still be challenging next season.UTV,KTF
  8. Spot on MBE,i overlooked Cooper who showed quality with a couple runs and seems a direct replacement for Politic.Think we need to get back to the high press push them back score first,best form of defence they say.UTV
  9. Gut feeling were going to turn these over,better away than home record,promotion for them is already probably assured,their unbeaten away record 8 5 0 will be over and really kickstart our season.Re new players,Hall is superb,strong confident and commanding really comfortable on the ball,defence splitting pass for Hussey cross and Wilson should of scored was quality,he can play higher easily.Hussey,wish we could of got him 2yrs ago but he will settle and improve,i'm happy with him,the 2 young lads up front will get better with games and Edmondson just needs a goal soon to kick on.Big Tomas seems a character,gives more confidence than Stone,flapped a bit and almost got caught out playing out but reckon he will be better for that game.The new midfielders time will tell,surprised Pett was benched but tho not convinced with Walker yet he did well.MOM for me was Wilson dropping deep and dictating the game.Onwards and UTV👍
  10. One game too many today with the injury crisis etc,i think we just ran out of luck against a team in form,wish all team had the commitment Garritty brings to the side.Take it on the chin let the lads have a break and bounce back better for the massive Exeter game next saturday.UTV!
  11. Your'e league two and your'e down,didn't earn or deserve promotion and you will be back where you belong
  12. Dr.Delgado i have two original but extreme ideas. 1) knock down the sentijoke building 2)Then stick it in the Incinerator
  13. The Sentinel coverage online of The Vale is shameful,pitiful a complete joke and i have only contempt for this so called "local newspaper".The Port Vale page has not been updated since Sunday.No mention of the new signing on Monday,nothing either before or after the Carlisle game,infact i bet we got better coverage in the Carlisle Chronicle.Meanwhile i dare say the other lot down at the Incinerator Stadium are billowing out with news.Radio sjoke also have only limited coverage.I wish i had the means and knowhow to provide aternative competition,i no longer purchase this poor publication and only listen to the radio after matches to listen to the call ins. Vale For Ever!!
  14. Thanks for the info,i must of missed him on Saturday, its suddenly gone all quiet in regard to him.
  15. Any news on David Amoo?if he is injured the media haven't asked the question only mentioned Gibbo and Taylor,DC hasn't spoken of him,is he out of the picture? Lacks consistency but can change a game and arguably the only player of the type we have,he might had a positive impact as a sub at Northampton,i just find it a bit strange so any updates?
  16. David Amoo

    Does anyone have any news of David Amoo? In the latest media interviews only  Gibbo and Taylor are asked about in terms of injuries and progress they're making.Does DC not fancy Amoo as a player?It seems to me like he is out of the picture although he is the only player of his type at the club(maybe Wozzer)who can run at the defence and change a game,he would of been a good option at Northampton.

  17. Cheers Vale lads!! Tkts and coach sorted for Northampton as well.I think its gonna be a good season hopefully great!!UTV x
  18. Can we just turn up on Tuesday and get match tickets for the Wednesday freindly?Have the prices been advertised for all age groups? Thanks in advance⚽️👍
  19. I'm pleased its correct then, now lets hope Foyle and the Vale get a mention and England lift the trophy
  20. Martin Foyle,was he last Englishman to score against an Italian team at Wembley in a Final? Come on all you Stato's out there answer this question my mate put to me!!
  21. Gibbo probably won't be ready for the start of the season so Smith will cover if we don't sign a new RB,either way i think Smith has every chance of being one of the starting centre halves.
  22. Transfer targets,rumours and new signings only please!! Other buisness on a new topic.can anyone add positive contribution to the thread? We currently have 19 players of which 3 are on the transfer list
  23. Valiant 593 i'm with you on this,i also hope i'm wrong but all three signings don't fit the experienced established players we need and who i expected us to be bringing in,hoping they all do the buisness but i am still optimistic we will sign players with more proven quality.
  24. Back on topic re targets and rumours on transfers,does anyone have any new suggestions?i watched Hartlepool v Bromley earlier and Pools have a cracking attacking midfielder named Rhys Oates who ran the show.He would command a decent fee and that would also push Taylor down the order.Centre Half previously mentioned named Johnson didn't stand out.
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