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  1. Yes it is. I continue to attend. I have stayed off this site for three months because of poisonous responses. My please Neil please go thread in October was met with abuse. My warnings about smurf the month after promotion were met with vile abuse from short sighted supporters ( you know who you are) who loved the smurf at that time. What was a real pleasure in my life especially at Christmas was a pint or two in town the anticipation and excitement of queuing outside the railway. The cold, the smell shouting when the team ran out, hoping preying, they may have spent five million but we have effort desire we are Port Vale. That is gone after fourth five years I feel the need to support the club. To be honest I would prefer to just give my money and not go. Like sponsoring a tiger at a zoo. Thank you Norman Smurthwaite. Thank you Neil Aspin
  2. Absolute garbage how long are we giving this dire manager. Another window to bring in dross
  3. Three months ago I started the Aspin out thread and was shot down in flames and even accused of being a joke city fan. Promised to say nothing on here until Christmas. Well now I am going to say a couple of things. 1 Aspin Out 2 I told you so
  4. I still think despite having the joint worst owner (with the oysten family ) in the football league it should still be possible to enjoy exciting attractive football and a tilt at promotion. In the long term Smurf needs removing. In the short term Aspin needs to go. We could give Aspin 10m and he would not be able to deliver a promotion team.
  5. Totally agree Lincoln have had good FA cup runs bringing some good cash in. It is vital that we throw the kitchen sink at whoever we get on Monday and make the players understand the importance of progression. We need some luck of the draw and some good performances dare to dream of us on live TV v Man U etc.
  6. We were a minority fair play. You clearley Sused it as I did
  7. Ten or twelve games who knows with the cup competitions. However I was right about aspin
  8. I was in a very small minority calling for Aspin to be sacked a few weeks ago. You all mocked. Two weeks following promotion I stated that smurf would wreck our club. You all mocked. 90% of fans want Aspin gone.
  9. Brilliant and spot on. Thanks for the memories Neil but you need to walk away.
  10. And in Aspins current position you would be very careful who you made assistant manager. Someone who is less skilled but has your back or someone very skilled who could fill your boots.
  11. Of course not. You would never say “ I would like to sign x or y or z but the budget is so tight we can’t “. But You would say unfortunately we have to balance incoming expenditure with out going. We have heard neither. Aspin talked about players did not want to come to vale, players did not want to play at this level. ASPIN NEVER SAID IT WAS MONEY and it isn’t Would you want to play in an Aspin Team
  12. Norman’s track record ??? That’s the managers job. And the manager never said he had not got enough cash in January. Until the manager states I can not improve my team because I have no budget WHY BLAME THE OWNER. That’s just assuming
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