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  1. I keep agreeing with VFIA/Breadwinner's teams. Am I going mad or is he getting more sensible?
  2. Just gone down to start queuing for the Carlisle game. Hopefully I'll be in for kick off.
  3. I forgot my paper ticket for the Sunderland game, I just scanned the QR code on my phone. Worked no problem.
  4. The fixture card that come with the ST is wrong as well.
  5. He's been stealing a wage here since 2016 then
  6. Is it the same lad that said Wednesday had sold 2000?
  7. If anyone is still thinking of going and hasn't got a ticket yet
  8. I'm sure I've read we had requested the extra tickets and they arrived Saturday. Then someone in the ticket office said we had about 400 left, so looks like behind the goal is sold out.
  9. It is a totally legitimate competition madame
  10. Tickets being unavailable to buy online is different to tickets being sold. The"full" seats will mostly be seats that are reserved for season ticket holders that might want to buy a ticket in their ST seat.
  11. Looks like an old pub's net curtains
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