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  1. Shoot for the stars and you might make the Division 4 play-offs 😎
  2. Otis Khan has turned down a new contract at Walsall and is now a free agent. Not sure if he's already signing somewhere, but he'd be an ideal replacement for Politic and could also cover for Conlon if he is out for a while. Not sure if Flickers signed him when he was at Mansfield?
  3. Stone Cass Smith Hall Gibbo Pett Conlon Hussey Worral Harratt Amoo
  4. Nonsense. Why would you move to Italy when you can move to Park Estate?
  5. Hope he flushed his head old school bully style
  6. Such a shame you couldn't search for the correct information with the same device you're writing these messages with
  7. I think a lot will have been making sure the game is definitely on before getting a ticket. Can see the ticket office being busy tomorrow
  8. Waking BA up when the transfer window opens
  9. Every season ticket seat will show as unavailable. Think you've got til Friday to book your own seat.
  10. Anyone know who we're signing this month?
  11. Always find it weird that left footed players get picked on for using their stronger foot, but nowt is said about right footers that nearly all do exactly the same.
  12. All out Breadwinner style. Confuse them, batter them, get the fans behind them 100%!
  13. Billy Bodin at Oxford as well and has hardly played. Was brilliant at Bristol Rovers
  14. Proper lol'd at that. Brilliant.
  15. He's always <ovf censored> running He's never gonna stop From centre back to striker He'll play anywhere he wants From Blackpool down to Boslem Oldham said that he was dross He's our big Scouse midfielder And we think he's <ovf censored> boss
  16. Crap draw. Won't make much money and we'll go out. Will probably be moved to Sunday for that <ovf censored> highlights programme as well. Only saving grace will be moving to the Friday night for a better atmosphere.
  17. I think we'll get Posh or Luton away I want to get Spurs away
  18. Amoo injured now. Could David Nugent do a job for a couple of months?
  19. Any Hartlepool fan that travels deserves a medal. Weather still looks horid tomorrow, with a -5 windchill during the game 🥶. I'm struggling to find the motivation from Hartshill, never mind Hartlepool.
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