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  1. Those of us who are in the situation that you outline above tend to use our Friends to get our tickets - but of course one has to have Vale Friends to do that. There are those that don't have such friends and I feel we should all pity them. On a more positive note, would it not be a better option to email the new owners and outline the problems experienced rather than just whine on OVF who, at the end of the day, can do F All to help . Send caz an email and see what she can offer, though it may not be immediate but at least you will have put the moan in the best possible place for a positive solution to be found.
  2. But it is those perks that help sell season tickets. Why not go the whole hog and tell season ticket holders that they have to take pot luck when tickets go on sale like the rest? It is hard enough to get monies paid up front as it is without making the benefits a lot less.
  3. And if folk want the truth then they can go on the Vale site and find it . Standing tickets for the London North Road Terrace are ON SALE IMMEDIATLY at our ticket office until 14:00 on Friday. Date: Saturday 12th October 2019 Kick off: 15:00 Location: Moss Rose ADULTS ( 25-64): £15 SENIOR (OVER 65): £12 UNDER 25 ( 18-24): £12 UNDER 18 (12-17): £6 UNDER 12 (0-11): £3 Please note, tickets are expected to sell out quickly so please purchase from our ticket office well in advance.
  4. The first half on Saturday was as flat as a witches breast - even after they went down to 10 men. After the break we came alive and started playing with a bit of passion. In the first half it took 8 passes to get to the halfway line but after halftime we seemed to realise it could be done with a lot less and playing in their half means they have less opportunities to score against us. With Bennett on Tom was often left unmarked, ie look at who was near him when he headed the goal. Bennett was drawing the defenders with his runs and harrowing them when they had the ball ie look what happened just before the 3rd goal. My man of the match was Cranston !! Because in just a 10 sec move he laid all the plans for the improvement in the Vale - Their best player decided to be billy hard cnut and decided to kick out at Worrall when the Ball was dead ! Not only that but he did it while the most red card happy ref was looking directly at him. On looking at the replay on the box you can see their players sink because of what Cranston has done. He looked a good player but he also showed he was as thick as sheite . So we now move onto Macclesfield and the goalie is already on the team sheet..... Put Pope AND Bennett on the sheet and then worry about the rest nearer the day. You cant please everyone with team selection but if Askey goes Macc without two attackers then he will make a rod for his own back. Get em both on the field and see how good a pairing they can be.
  5. I wonder what Mitch Clarke was doing today - sitting on his arse I suppose talking to his agent about how he can get a game. Contrast that to Taylor and his agent Sproey. Them pair must be well happy with how Taylor's loan is going. Getting to be a much more effective player every match he plays.
  6. Mitch Clarkes agent just wanted the money and that is what he got. Mitch thought he was a Championship footballer because he had been at Villa, a Championship club - he wasn't as he didnt play for Villa. He was always "Potential" nothing more - Ok when he was 8 or 9 he may have been great but as the years passed he didnt progress enough and Villa let him go . He then saw that Vale could sign him at a level where he was Ok but it was still in his head that He was a championship player ! I assume his agent said Leicester were interested and poor old deluded Mitch thought he was going to get into the Premier Team - It could happen - odds were about 5000-1 but it could happen. In reality he is just another young lad who is treading water in his career and one day will be sitting in the pub telling people how he was a professional footballer at Villa and Leicester. Most footballing careers are over by the mid 30s and whilst that might seem a long way off to him now it will race by and he will have missed the boat. Good luck to him in whatever career path he chooses, shame he didnt want to be an active footballer.
  7. There you go again - throwing proven facts in. You will never be taken seriously giving proven facts on here.
  8. Toyahw - That can be leveled at most young men his age in all walks off life - could also be a slogan for the wall of the dressing room but aimed at all
  9. If memory serves me well Popes's record away from home is 1 penalty goal yet I seem to remember Bennett scoring from open play on two occasions - Though I may be wrong. Tom has a total of one goal and I think Bennett has 4 so far - is that right ? Percentages would seem to say that "Holding the Ball Up" is better than actually scoring. Strange to me - but again I may be proven wrong, so come on Tom - do what you are remembered for - Score.
  10. I'm watching Stoke V Forest and can safely say that if he applied down ST4 he would walk straight into the first choice keeper position. Butland has had one real thing to do and he messed up big time. As for federicci, or whatever his name is, he must be a total looser if he cant see off Butland.
  11. Who drove the fastest milk cart in the west ......Every time that name is referenced now on here I will hear that little jingle in me lug holes
  12. Excellent suggestion - Hey Carol - I'm sure you're reading all these posts - how about doing a straw poll of all the playing staff as to how effective vocal support is , and if it is better concentrated or not. Oh and one other thing - regarding away fans - when your staff guestimate how many are coming tell them to put the "safety" nets just far enough from the Lorne Street side to accommodate them.
  13. I dont think it is Nunc - Its more likely to be one of the great unwashed from down the road who is trying to stir the excrement so we deflect from pissing our selves at their utter decline and fall . He/she is so intent of effluent rotating that they posted the same crap on another thread . I noticed on the Oatcake that there are some saying Coates OUT !!! If he leaves they will be in DEEP DO DOs as he is the only source of real revenue. They are so far up effluent street that they are getting fed up of "Good News" only coming out of Vale park and I assume that they will spend their time trying to counteract that good news rather than having a wash and trying to get employment NB - that last line in no way refers to Agent NJ- Who does wash, and is gainfully employed as Stoke City's current Manager and the bringer of good news to the whole world.
  14. Robf - there are two small points to make 1) where would you put these noisy children who are there just to make a noise ? The obvious place would be the Bycars - but the facilities in there are well below school standard. Railway Paddock - definate No - too much bad language and aggro . Railway stand - Maybe but at the Bycars end of it . Disabled stand is a no go , The old Family stand could be used but again the terrain and facilities are below school standards. Too steep for lickle legs ! so that leaves the Lorne Street - Yep thats the place to put them if only to counteract the moaners . Well that's sorted - noisy kids to the Lorne street. 2) Stoke have been doing that for years and it makes no difference. Stokes "Loud and Proud" tag is both ancient and deceased. It was OK when they first went into the premier league but the decibel level and commitment has been on a steady decline since they got rid of Tony P. In stoke's case the only revenue increase is in the food they consume as Coates funds everything else. If he keeps giving out free tickets it wont be long before these freebies are scaling the directors box to bite the hands that feed them !. Someone said that the away fans create an atmosphere at the Vale - yes they do and how do they do it ? Because they are in a big end with great facilities ? No - its because they are concentrated into a small area and not allowed to disperse across the whole Hamil end . Their noise is generated from a small area and bounces towards the pitch. The Vales noise is spread all around the other three side. Going back 50 years the crowd size was similar to what they are today and the hamil end was open but the volume of noise was about the same if not better and that was because the noise was all centred from the Bycars - Ok it was split into the "Right Side" or the less effective "Left Side" of the Tea bar but there certainly was noise generated . Even when we changed ends to the Hamil, folk gathered into a concentrated group so as to make the noise heard throughout the ground. At the next match just look at how the Vale staff concentrate the away fans into a noise generating section and then compare that to where the Noisiest Vale fans are - In the Railway - but not now in the Paddock but split between the Paddock and the stand . Again spreading the noise to thinly. The Liverpool Kop has never spread its capacity but Manchester U has totally taken away the vocal side of football by almost completely doing away with the Stretford end effect. At Vale away games - its the same people making the noise but they are concentrated into a smaller area ! Get all the noisy Vale Fans in one place - play good football and that will generate a far more effective vocal support than some very young children. That is an opinion for what it is worth.
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