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  1. Thats why I used the example of 20 - You could convince them that 2 adults and 2 kids is reasonable as a family, as would 2 adults and 3 kids say. These questions you need ask directly of the ticket office, but as folk have already found out they are gearing up for the big day tomorrow. Why not ask someone on here to act on your behalf and ask specific question(s) when they queue up tomorrow, and then feed the answers back. Sorry I cant help further as we are getting one of the office lads to queue up with the season tickets on Friday.
  2. Its always been the same as Season Ticket Holders before ie 2 - Dont expect to be able to roll up and get 20 ..... As these sort of requests generally come from Spivs /Ticket touts. If you roll up on the last day they are on sale and they have loads left then you can normally have as many as they have because A) they don't want to have to send/take them back to Man City and B) If , in their eyes, you are a tout then its your job to try and sell them in a very short time period and, as Vale have sold them already then they count towards Vales Share. I got all that info from someone who USED to work in the ticket Dept. It may be out of date now but it still seems a reasonable stance to me.
  3. I would respectfully suggest that this game is allowed to fade into the memory like the 13 corpses we had on show. Talking about how pathetic they were only goes to get the blood running higher. To single out 3 players who had a bang average game and say that they were the best of the bunch doesn't help matters at all. Most of them looked as if they didn't want to get hurt in case it meant them missing the Man City match .... Well 3 of those players are already on the team sheet but the rest should be wondering about their position. As for those who stepped into the team because of suspensions ........ Have they finished fastened their laces yet ? Talk about not taking a playing opportunity ! Yes this match was truly one that shows statues can't play football. Move more, look busy, the public are watching Total Embarrassing display
  4. From your lips to Gods ears ! I'm amazed at the amount of people who still that they can make him normal in his attitude to an average Div 4 squad player. I'm sure some of the people who respond think they can make the lame walk and the blind see - May they can, but they wont get ERM to talk sense at times. Its a lost cause ! Ignore is the answer. I'm only writing this in the vain hope that all his responders dont actually quote him from now on . Well, I live in hope .
  5. I thought this was a thread about Scotty Brown being at the supporters club meeting. It would be better if the two side in the quarrel took their Smurf subject off line and sort their personal differences.
  6. Has any one asked Speedy his views on all these Hippies on his pitch ? Prime Grass Growing time for him. Wonder if he is Whotobeakiller
  7. I believe the downturn in his performances are as a result in the temperature and the darker nights coming in. Might get better after Easter. Just lets hope he passes on the snood and gloves ritual. When he came here there was not much expected of the team as a whole so if he could "do a bit", it would look like he was a better than average player. However the team has improved as a whole and some of the players are doing a lot better than most of us thought they would. We can all see these improvements and as a result Dave's efforts have not turned out to be as noticeable as was hoped for. Its the same old story at this level- you have to work hard at your trade to be noticed, and those often standing around waiting for things to happen, rather than making them happen, are critisised. Its the same old story ...... Look busy ! The boss/Customers are watching you !
  8. I would imagine that this concert has been given local permission to go ahead - I would imagine that those giving this permission knew of the venue, and the surroundings. I would also imagine that those organising the event have had experience of this sort of thing before and have taken into account the traffic etc. When Middleport Pottery had the Poppy event people came from miles around but they managed to cope because they planned the parking on Mcguinesses old yard. I'm sure the powers that be have thought the solutions to any problems far better than some scrote on here who hides behind a daft name. If he is so botthered then he should go to Stoke-On_trent Licencing authority, lodge specific complaints and ask them for their answers. But as he is as daft as a brush he wouldn't have the gumption to do anything so constructive as its far better to come on OVF and be a total fool. He is now another fool on the ignore list
  9. His is NOT a stoke-on-Trent Attitude - his is a NumbNutts attitude - Totally different
  10. You will never convince VFIA he is wrong - he has set the bar so low any comments you make go way above his head - I think the key indicator is that he refers to himself as being "In Alsager", which leads me to believe he in living under the pollution cloud generated by the nearby Railway Children. Just because they use an ST post code in Alsager doesn't mean they are blessed to be in Stoke on Trent it just goes to Show that their aspiration are to be seen as higher class.
  11. Question - If you have a VERY GOOD salary how come you pay £20 plus ? A season ticket works out better than what you are paying, With the election coming up I wouldn't go on about how Good your salary is as you will have the Corbynites wanting to tax you more, Also saying that you have a good Salary on here is tantamount to saying you are a little norman Smurftwat. ie You are salaried staff rather than an hourly paid chap, and its a Good salary so you are better off than the average !. People only come on here and say they are poorer than church mice and have to go to food kitchens for their 17 kids, and to feed their beer and fags habit
  12. Tom, I believe uses different accounts for different things and I dont believe in this instance he was using a PVFC account but rather a personal one. That is my belief, as I am still unsure which daft mailing they have picked him up on. The key point here is that, whether he likes it or not ( I Know he does really) he is regarded as Mr Port Vale and as such , words attributed to him will reflect on the Vale in either a positive or negative way. What he has done would certainly lead to a response from any Human Resources at any reputable Company. In this instance the Sack would be inappropriate as I dont beileve he has been "charged" before though he has had warnings. In most reputable companies inappropriate activity leads to a verbal warning(s), followed by a written warning at the next occurrence. After the next occurance he would normally be brought before a disciplinary panel where he could account for his actions and appropriate action taken. The external activity - ie the Ban , has been imposed by the EFL disciplinary board and I would now expect the club to impose its own sanction(s) according to the internal disciplinary code of conduct . Sack is the ultimate sanction but that may be one or two occurrences down the line depending on whether the warnings he has been given were, a) friendly, b) Formal, or c) written. There is more water to flow under this bridge. I'm sure Old Sage may have something to say and am very surprised he has not made a case for the defence already.
  13. already done after the first post of his I saw. Anyone who who tries to "speak" with him needs to think seriously about they are doing ! If you met him at the match and he spoke like he does would you carry on the conversation. Personally I would either <ovf censored> him, or walk away depending if coppers or stewards were in eyeshot.
  14. well that was a waste of 8 posts about nothing ! How about starting again with an appropriate title line and then some basic info about the subject. Others may then be able to get a grip about what is trying to be highlighted. Some thought needed . 3/10
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