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  1. Just hope this good start can go and repeat the start we had in 69/70 - magic times then, and looks like magic times again
  2. Clean sheet ! - scored two- 3pts away from home -very happy
  3. scoring a third would be nice but keeping clean sheet is also important - They've brought on their Last Hope who murdered us last year ..... So I'm hoping just for clean sheet in these last 14 mins
  4. Exactly ! I'm sure the "advertising" that iFollow is currently experiencing would cripple any other company if it didn't have a strangle hold on its potential customer base. I dont see how iFollow could manage in an open market and if I were one of the EFL clubs I would be trying to get a vote to oust it and get a professional setup in its place . I think one of their BIGGEST problems is communications? There is no definitive set of instructions on how to set up to watch the matches on the many and varied platforms . Why not set out clear and unambiguous instructions for say 5 different p
  5. Robf - in my opinion it was a shame he missed that chance - but that is not why I say he had a bad game. it was his overall performance over the 95 minutes. He seemed lost up front on his own and never caused the defence problems. Some say the service to him was not good but whilst that may be partially true his runs and calls for the ball were not there to be seen or heard. You say he needs sharpness and he's still settling in - I fully agree, but would draw your attention to another chap who that could be said about - Rodders is not sharp yet, and he is new and settling in but by God he mad
  6. Why ? Because he was the weakest link ! Do you think he put in a shift like the rest did ? Do you think that after the match Askey didnt look him in the eye and tell him, constructively, that his performance was not as high as he would have hoped . I'm sure he may have used words like - "Theo after you watch that Video of the game I'm sure you will understand why we will be going with Cullen at Exeter on Saturday" . We as customers should provide feedback, not the vitriolic sort, but constructive and saying Theo was not at the races and looked out of place gives valid opinions to Askey.
  7. I dont see him as a scapegoat - No one is saying we lost because of him . Its just general observation by many vale fans that on the whole against a very strong team from a division above Theo did not shine as much as the usual players who get knocked. I thought Crooks had a very good game, compared to some he had at left back. He raised his game. If you fail to see that Theo didn't rise to the occasion like many other reserve players did then that is your view. I cant remember him worrying the defence throughout the game which, given he was playing as a lone striker, was his main task. If
  8. And it was the League cup - a competition where our reputation precedes us ...........Its crap - but our overall performance tonight was very good. Crooks, Hurst, Manny all very good and as others have said the only down side being Theo. In my opinion he's not a lone striker like Tom is. Tom can keep defenders busy but Theo doesn't seem to be able to. He doesn't look likely to score up top on his own . I'm sure Cullen would have taken the one chance Theo had. Theo may benefit from being brought on later in the game than starting. Also I wonder if Theo's nose has been put out by the signing
  9. If possible its best to Cut and Paste the code from the email to IFollow- that way you cannot misinterpret what is intended
  10. I put mine in as soon as I got it aswell and it was perfect for me. Also I logged in 1 hr before the match to make sure it was all working, and if it wasnt would have given me time to phone someone to fix it.
  11. Agreed - however if the ban is increased, which it could be, then that is an own goal. A better approach would be to insert a clause into any future contract to any player something along the wording of :- @If you the player do something on social media that leads you to be banned from playing then you are considered to have made yourself unavailable for work and the club has the right to dock your pay accordingly @ That happens in thousands of other jobs ! The wording may need tarting up a bit - but something along those line should bring home to the Social Media Heroes that ever
  12. Ahmen to that Jacob - When you've been pulled over for the 3rd time its best not to tell the police they should be chasing real criminals and not persecuting honest upright citizens. That tack doesn't seem to go down too well. If he was a first timer then ok, spend a few quid and try and get him available to play. With his record though - I think plaiting fog would be easier. I would go further and ask what odds would Bet365 give on the 6 games being quashed or what odds would they give on the penalty being increased for wasting the FA/EFL time ! Its time to admit that he made a mistake and m
  13. If he has stopped social media then that is to be commended - however I don't think I was too quick to condemn him, this being at least the 3rd time he has brought the Vale into disrepute. When he has made these gaffs he was never reported as just Tom Pope - its always Port Vale Centre Forward Tom Pope or Port Vale Hero Tom Pope or Life Long Vale Supporter Tom Pope. All bad publicity for the club, and the club is everything, not the individual, no matter how great he has been. The fact that it happened a while ago is irrelevant as everyone knows once you put something on social media its ther
  14. Poor old Tom - being victimised again for being stupid on social media ! It is not the first time, nor the second, he has been reprimanded for making daft comments out of place ! He is supposed to be a professional sportsman - a role model, and a hero to those just growing up. He is now scheduled to miss 13% of the league matches, ok it may be reduced on appeal but it wont be nullified because he is a repeat offender. Is he going to loose 13% of his income ? You bet your life he's not ! Through his own stupidity he is robbing the Vale of his much needed availability. Because of the wear a
  15. What type of card are you trying to use ? Visa ? Visa Debit ? Both these have worked for me . Both in the shop and the ticket office for season ticket, FA Cup and League Cup. The only place I found they didnt work was on the Coaches - Which, I think I paid cash.
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