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  1. Yes - but as part of his warm up he needs to pace out the distance from the wing to the centre off the goal at every match as he consistanly hits them far too long. He's young enough and if Vales training pitch is not exactly the same size as the real pitch I would have him spending an hour a day hitting balls from each wing and aiming them at Front post Back post and centre spot in turn. He needs to be able to do that without thinking "how hard should I hit this one " which is what he looks like now. Like I say he is young and looks good, now its up to him to hone his skills.
  2. The one certainty for the players is that they now know the management structure, they know who they have to impress and they know that this is the last chance for some of them. What was that old typing mantra ..... NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the CLUB !
  3. And Radio Stoke confirmed this evening that he is still here but deselected, so it seems that your "someone who knows more than me" friend doesn't really know much does he/she.
  4. Where WV ? He was not mentioned in any transfer news on deadline day. Who was it who told you or have you been sworn to secrecy ?
  5. What needs to change is his lack of effort I don't think he's even going through the motions he looks like he doesn't care. Guthrie hasn't scored but I've been really impressed with him and sometimes that's all it takes to win the fans over Robinson wont be able to score goals unless he is in the team and to be anywhere near that he has to work his shotties off in training. Guthrie looks hungry and is making folk notice him for his efforts. Robinson was noticed more for his lack of movement and drive. Whether its Pugh or a new feller in charge the first thing that both would want to see is a change in Robinson's all round work rate. If you dont look interested, even when you are, then folk will believe the worst of you.
  6. There you go ! Spoiling a good tiff by quoting proven facts. 😂
  7. Joe - My BIG fear is that if they don't dispel this rumour with a creditable response then the EFL/FA might get involved as they may see this story as bringing the Game Into Disrepute ...... And we all know how they love to turn the screw where the Vale are concerned. Sweeping it under the carpet will not make it go away when everyone should be socially distancing. Look how the fines are increasing for house parties ! Some one out there is going to be made an example of and God forbid its the Vale.
  8. And the silence from the Club to dispel the rumour that these shenanigans did happen speaks volumes . PUGH was not there so he can't be blamed for this bad press. Who was in charge ?
  9. Normally Not, however we are in strange time now and the guidelines from the FA, EFL and Government stipulate that full contact between people should be reduced to the absolute minimum needed. So much so that they have come out and said that Goal celebrations should be curtailed or at least muted to something like that shown recently by the Leicester players. How can playing rugby be showing adherence to those guidelines. If it is true that the Vale players were instructed to allow full on player to player contact then this surely brings the Vale into breach of the guidlines ? Surely the club would wish to distance itself from such rumours that, to those outside football, bring both the club and football in general in breach of the current guidlines. Or are we still in the Old Regime of sweeping everything rotten under the carpet.
  10. Some still think Sinclair an option because he is loud and passionate ? Those who advocate him as manager should go back to the Rudgie era - with his side kick Pejic. One was far more well known than the other, one had played at a far higher level. Rudgie was the quieter one of the pair and Pej was the fire breathing Dragon. Rudgie was not known for his managerial attributes when he was appointed from within, he just happened to be around at the time. The situation is very similar now and I would keep going with Pugh to see how it goes, whilst still looking for new manager options. Good businesses dont think about getting rid of a manager and THEN think what type of replacement do we want/require. Good businesses plan ahead and already know what the replacement should be like. I hope Carol and Kev take time to think long and hard about the next appointment as it should be one that will last a long successful time .
  11. Good luck to Kurtis - the only time I remember seeing him he tore us a new ass ! He is only on a 5 month contract so he needs games to impress. When he is given his opportunity he needs to come off that pitch with a shirt that he can wring the sweat out of. He may not be the greatest goal scorer but he needs to be a great worker. If he doesn't work hard fans will just say he is another Theo. Hope he grabs his opportunity and is with us for 3 or 4 years .
  12. All the players called him Mr Pickwick, but in my presence as I had run on the pitch, one vale player called him Picky and he just burst out laughing. The days of good old fashioned Refs making their own decisions and talking and explaining to players is long gone. Today we have politically correct ass holes .
  13. Todays Referees! - Were once those children at school who had no mates and no ability or aptitude for Sport . Once they become Referees they are supported 10000000% by their association who never say they have had a bad game, Never have to defend their decision making, nor have to face the media or general public. Come back Roger Kirkpatrick we sadly realise what we are now missing
  14. Hello is there any Admin out there ? Think you may want to change the name of this thread as those in the title are not getting any real mention. I think you need change the title to "Lets Pick on Worrall Now "
  15. I think you might be of an age to remember our record against Walsall - wasnt it about 30 yrs that we didnt win against them.. All these stats about teams we havent won against are just mind games - Good players dont care about what happened when 22 different players with different officials had a game a year ago, five yrs ago or 30 yrs ago. Every game is about those players on that specific date playing their guts out for their team.
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