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  1. I was under the impression that people who were employed on a specific date could be furloughed under the government scheme. When a players contract comes to an end he cannot say he his permanently employed as he is looking for work. So he would be like any other Job Seeker, who I don't believe are covered under the furlough scheme . The problem all Clubs and players have is that the GOOD players will be able to move and will still command decent, though possibly not what they wished for, salaries. Those that are still under contract and not likely to command a higher wage anywhere else, will try and keep the contract they have,but may be encouraged to renegotiate it to help the club, and maybe an incentive that if done could lead to a contract extension. Then that brings us to the ones clubs want to get rid off or lets just say arn't too fussed about. I cant see any alternative for these types other than to take what is offered for a year or two or try and get a job outside football. The likes of Luke Prosser I can see getting a job in Football but I dont think he will be offered anything like he was on at Colchester. He is a good lower league professional and has made a decent lower league career since he left us. He has hope - but must lower his expectations .... others I would worry about. Not sure if our own Ryan Lloyd is out of contract but if I was him I would be worried if he hasn't got an option outside football. Whatever happens any Flash Average lower league player who thinks he can hang around waiting for that "Much better Offer just around the corner" better tighten his belt because I think the sensible finance heads will be listened to more than they may have been in the past.
  2. re Barrow - I think it was 1967 or 68 when we last played them and I certainly remember getting off the M6 and then crawling for what seemed like a million miles ! I have been to the Barrow area twice since and the roads are so so much better it doesn't seem like a trek into the unknown anymore. Workington Town was far worse to get to than Barrow but you don't hear of Workington anymore so no nostalgia trip there anytime soon.
  3. Most sports were sponsored by Cigarette Companies years ago until it was banned as not being good for the public - You cannot watch a match now without Bet365 being flashed across screens on TV or on flashing advertising boards at Grounds. Gambling is causing addiction, just as smoking does, and is also causing health issues and family breakdowns so why is it still allowed to be sponsors. On the flip side - If a player has a bet or two on Football matches he can be charged by Football, yet if you Own the biggest gambling business in the UK you can own a football club and have control over 20 to 30 players who performance may be effected by the dictates of what they perceive as innuendos from the board .... I'm not saying it happens but it could. Gambling and Football should be be totally separate businesses.
  4. Well thats the pubs in Burslem going bankrupt ! I would say the "shops" but there are none. Mind you, it will be easy parking in and around Burslem till April
  5. Yes ! Because you are targeting the public - They may be Vale fans but they are the Public as far as the rules apply. Jimbo57 is correct - the rules are a minefield and ignorance of them is NO EXCUSE ! I would encourage all the admin staff at Vale to ensure that all is in order and authorised paper work is available to say it is . I think if they put a Money collection box on a pub Bar they need some sort of "licence" (for want of a better word).
  6. Main Stand was the Bryan Street Stand - To its left was Hanover Street Stand - this had a very small covered section thad had Port Vale Supporters or something similar written on it. Opposite the Bryan Street main stand was the Swan passage covered stand (This stand is the one that was moved to the New Vale and Became the Family and Bycars Stands - Also affectionately called the Slabs (Slobs) stand. Swan Passage run from Market Square Hanley to the St Johns grave yard and from there to the top Of Hanover Street it was "The Slabs" and was basically an entry . The stand to the right of the Main Stand was I believe , though I am not 100% certain on this, called Swan Square end, but was affectionately know by at least my family as the "cemetery end" as its wall was also the wall to St John s cemetery extension.
  7. Its amazing how many people see things like this and have phones with cameras - Surely if everyone with a phone took a photo and sent them to Carol it would help stop this.
  8. Totally agree - Crewe and Bradford will sell them selves - look at doing the offers for Crawley and Newport which wont be high attendances
  9. 3500 plus at Wrexham 93/94 promotion season In the promotion season of 69/70 we took loads of coaches to Wrexham and also a special train - there was over 19k that day and Vale fans were everywhere .
  10. In days gone by that was totally acceptable .... But can you imagine the self centred Elf and Shitey society screaming at the Sentinel and Radio Stoke - "Port Vale Suggesting coins are thrown at a moving target on a match day !" What if the blanket carriers are hurt - who hold the necessary insurance. What about the old Bill ? It was ok when the world was a reasonable place but the arses of the world would frown on it now.
  11. In the early 60s most of that unused grass was actually used. Around 65/66 Vales width was cut by 2 yds either side under the direction of Stan Matthews when he started playing the Youth . I think someone else too another yard off in the 70s, but am not sure about that one though.
  12. You only had to look at the Unseated part of the Lorne Street Stand to see how wet it gets in there - The tide line covered all but the too highest steps of the concrete. You would have had to sit on those seats right at the back to keep out of the wet. Whoever designed that stand needs to go back to basic design - The roof his far too high and slopes away from the pitch. If the roof sloped lower it would help but its far too late now.
  13. TREVOR KETTLE ! If this referee is reformed then OK. He made a mistake and has been punished . Trevor Kettle has NOT been punished for being useless for at least 6 years to my knowledge, so lets just have a straight swap and move on
  14. Its not even Valentines day and we are SAFE ! Who wished for that way back in June ? Askey may make the odd mistake now and then but I am more than happy with that and for him to make the steady progress required at his pace. He has a sensible head on his shoulders and not prone to mood swings. He has two employers who have their heads screwed on and the three of them are making Vale a happy place to work at. Players are being given time to fit in, and whilst some wont make it, it shouldn't be for the want of trying as Vale are getting better and better every week. If the play offs come about so be it, but this is a great season already and the base has been laid to build something substantial on. Those shouting for instant solutions - I give you Notts County, Chesterfield, Bolton and of course Bury. Learn from their instant gratification business objectives.
  15. Barrow have a good pair of strikers !
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