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  1. I was on that boat with half a dozen other Vale lads including well known fan Phil Sherwin. It was 1978. We met Sammy Morgan in a pub in Great Yarmouth.
  2. My Stoke supporting nephew tells me there's a 46 page thread on the oatcake called "Let's watch the Vale cock it up" 46 pages and they try to say they're not obsessed with us.
  3. There will be people like myself who'd love to be there, but due to illness, I can no longer stand for the best part of two hours on an open terrace exposed to the elements. I'll be there on Thursday in my seat.
  4. For a few years in the early 70's me and some mates helped out on the ground staff. This involved hand rolling the pitch after matches (no tractors in those days) to stop frost getting in. It wasn't much fun on a cold February night.
  5. I remember Harry Bennett and his wife from the away coach (often only one in those days) I also remember Paul but can't recall his surname. I vaguely remember you coming over from Ireland and coming to Aldershot with us. Glad you're still following the Vale.
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