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  1. I don't care what info B&G had on him and it doesn't bother me if I never find out. The fact is, in my opinion, just the threat of exposure played a big part in forcing him out. For that I will be eternally greatful to B&G.
  2. Fantastic news. Let's hope there is a lot more to come, starting with the new owner announcement.
  3. I lost all respect for Bolton 10 or 11 years ago. When they were in the Premier League their chairman Phil Gartside advocated a two tier Premier of 18 clubs each with no relegation. This would have shut the door to the other 56 league clubs and taken away any ambition the likes of Vale might have.
  4. Macc fans on their forum saying they hope to bring more than the 670 they took to Crewe.
  5. Reports say Joey Barton was prevented from leaving Oakwell today following alledge assault of the Barnsly manager.
  6. So if you can believe the latest news, Smurthwaite wouldn't employ a black manager because he says Vale fans are racist but is prepared to sell the club to an Asian consortium. I wonder if he's told the prospective owners his opinion.
  7. They are a very strange club and set of fans. They have been in denial for years and are still burying their heads in the sand.
  8. Manchester City are to set up a "victim payment scheme" Compare that to Crewe's attitude. They told Steve Walters he had left it too long to report the abuse, therefore denying liability on a technically. Disgraceful.
  9. Incredibly there were still some people buying food and drink in the Lorne Sreet today. When will they learn?
  10. What he is doing to my club is effecting ALL my family.
  11. Does "Golden Goal" and "Shirt Off The Back" cash go to fatty aswell?
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