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  1. The knee protesting is a political protest. I disagree with the FA and Premier League et al. Black Lives Matters is a mono cultural USA based political movement. That is what it says on the website. So fans buy tickets to watch football games. Taking the knee is a service they have not paid for. Like many other fans I don't want to see this protest and I don't want to be expected to support it. I will support the Kick it Out movement because that is multi cultural and politically non partisan. The players are employees of a football club. Therefore if the players are permitted or encouraged to protest this must be clear at the point of sale of tickets. A secondary service of political protest is being offered for sale. Fans who don't like that can then decline to buy tickets and attend games. I think come next season it is important Port Vale makes its position clear before season ticket sales go ahead.
  2. He did a good job at Port Vale. We were holding our own one division higher.
  3. More shots on target leads to more goals leads to winning more games leads to higher league position. Opponents have worked out that we can play good neat and tidy football but pose little or no threat in open play. That is what needs to change rather than the players we have got.
  4. Masters degree, accountant, risk manager, fraud management, lean management, project management, ISO lead, lost count. But lots of hard work. And that is why I have total respect for all women in all the professions I have met. But none for you.
  5. True at tennis. But it would take her 12 years to get the qualifications I have and nearly 40 years to match my subject matter expertise. Anyway, I do respect your valient defence of women's sport and I will try to be more tolerant whilst avoiding it.
  6. Evidence? Speculation? Concerning if that is the case? I watched lots of women's sport like that. The remarkable East German women's athletics team of the 1970's for example!
  7. Women's tennis is truly dreadful. Scream after scream. The best player is seriously top heavy. And Maria used to break windows with the screeching. The men's game thrives as ever at grass roots level. Newton play just behind me in a local league and as many players as ever in a neat little ground.
  8. i remember watching Garry Neville first time out. He was diabolical. But good now. All the female commentators I've seen are much better than him first time out. They all say something sensible. But none have graduated to a lead role; that's where they get to do the deep analysis and grab the tech off Jamie Carragher etc. Something to aim for?
  9. England v Italy game at Port Vale. Been to busy the last few weeks to get back and post something properly about this. So, the highlights did look slightly better than I remember. Nonetheless pathetic goalkeeping and hopeless misses are the main highlights. That is not to say some men's games don't have the same. But the full game was drone like. Ball stayed in play a lot because the women are not strong enough to find touch with clearances consistently. And yes shooting from outside the box is an issue and there was a clear preference to try to get closer to shoot. I am entitled to my opinion and I thought this was pretty hopeless and as we go down from international level it is likely to deteriorate markedly. I won't watch it again and certainly won't pay to go to another game.
  10. Yes I have been to a women's football game. That is why I have formed my opinions. England v Italy, so I was watching about as good as it gets. The main thing I want is not to see or pay for women's sport. And what I don't like is particularly boxing where a women's fight will be on the men's programme. That is interrupting my coverage as far as I'm concerned. However, the point you make about the FA banning women's football in the 1920's is very valid. That is outrageous and obviously did a lot of harm to the development of the game. Tongue in cheek I would point out the men's game suffered some adversity in WW1.
  11. We have certainly seen some dire football in the two seasons we tried to go out of the league. Lack of skill etc. But with womens football there are more serious deficiencies, like not being strong enough to get corners across, less shots from out of the box because they can't reach, goalkeepers - oh heck. It is a drone like game and the talent pool is smaller. Doesn't transcend from sport to entertainment for me. Much better opportunity in a game like darts. Massive advantage there because bound to be fitter and have better concentration.
  12. I am not opposed to women commentators and pundits. I am contemplating if it is credible for a woman player to be appearing as an ex player. A woman would get snapped in half in a men's game. But to be fair they do generally say some sensible things from a coaching / technical perspective.
  13. Always happy to see Bianca Westward.
  14. I am OK with women commentating if they says sensible stuff. I think they do. No bad ones I've seen. Where I have a big problem is women's football / sport. I went to the international at Port Vale between England and Italy. My opinion after watching this is its rubbish. Highlight was the half time pie. Put it on a completely separate channel and not attempt to insert in men's sport. For example, I'm trying to watch the heavyweight championship in boxing which I have paid for and this women's contest is inserted in the middle to force people to watch it. Really annoying. There is a reason why Liverpool men's team plays at Anfield and Liverpool women's team plays at Chester City up the back end of an industrial estate. Women's football doesn't transcend from sport to entertainment and deserves to be banished there.
  15. Yes, total respect for Joe, Tom and other riders who sustained injuries at speedway and also long track racing which is more popular on the continent. When you think about it a speedway rider usually races 4-5 times per meeting at say 70 seconds per race. But in that short amount of time there is significant danger from crashing in to each other, crashing in to the fence and simply falling off on a rock hard gravel track.
  16. Not lived in the area since 1987, so not been to speedway since the mid 1980's. At the start of Loomer road I remember Mike Broadbank. He got the reformed team off to a good start with quality riding and leadership as someone who reached the world championship finals a few times. Oh well, sad to hear of the closure, but if it is not being run properly and therefore not entertaining then that's what happens. My favourite rider of all time that I have watched is Ole Olsen.
  17. I think the fight showed up the limits of Joshua's boxing talent. Ruiz has more talent. He has also balanced weight better than it appears. He has power under the flab and therefore the flab adds impact when he punches and Joshua could not take it.
  18. I saw the Wilder v Ortiz fight. Wilder should have lost that. He only didn't because Ortiz was not in physically good enough shape and faded in the later rounds leaving himself open to the hay-maker. I think Ortiz wins this fight if he gets in really good shape.
  19. I thought Breazeale was hopeless. The overhead replay of the round showed what he did. It was just unbelievable, dropped left hand guard again and again and got a hammer punch. So Wilder can definitely hit really hard. But he should have lost his two previous fights. It would help if the opponent turned up fit for the job. Otherwise he just waits until the opponent gases and then lamps him. That is what happened with Ortiz who fully fit would have won easily against Wilder. To me Ruis is also going to turn up as blubber man against AJ. But I have seen him fight once and he does have good skill. So I expect him to last a few rounds.
  20. Looking forward to Wilder v Breazeale on Saturday 18th May. Wilder is not very good at boxing except that he manages to lamp someone once a match. Surely his number must be up soon.
  21. Really enjoyed the fight tonight. It is possible to underestimate Joshua. Povetkin was a seriously good fighter and really dangerous and skilful. Yet Joshua rode the setback of nose injury, learned how to take Povetkin punches and the low punches to the body that seemed trivial were not. They did for Povetkin ultimately allowing the explosive end. I semi worry about Joshua's nose. He has a recurring problem and needs to get it fixed. Otherwise there will be an occasion where he can't overcome it or it gets damaged worse and worse and worse. Why am I enjoying boxing!?
  22. Paid to watch Groves v Eubank Junior last night. There was a huge gulf in ability with Eubank only offering braveness to keep going and throwing hay makers that miss by feet. Somehow Groves did himself an injury and dislocated his shoulder in the last round. Even then Eubank couldn't hit him. One has to suppose that Groves will stay world champion until a top level boxer emerges, as I don't think he is a great.
  23. Looking forward to 28 Oct and pleased Whyte added. Another heavyweight bout, can't stand a card full of midget boxing in the build up.
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