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  1. I understand your frustration that Ryan hasn’t reached the standard of professional football you obviously have in the past
  2. If this is what happens on the pitch when there is a red card protest Then have one every home game
  3. That’s just tuff,apparently there is other irons in the fire if you read between the lines but again you won’t changes things before season end, prove me wrong it would be nice as long as its not another administration.
  4. I already said ounce we’re safe or relegated,club first, nothing will change before the above is sorted.
  5. How’s not the time for the reasons just said, its not about NS or any personal issues you have will him its about the club ,even Tom Pope suggested in so many words.
  6. Protests are negative by nature its not the time,you’re not going to get rid of NS before the seasons over and staff wise we have what we have.Shold be full on support till we’re safe or dead and buried.
  7. If that’s the case then why don’t you use a bit of brain And keep to yourself. When is the court date for the ‘MOLD’ bunch again?
  8. You’d hope he’s not dictated to, dose anyone watch how training is handled? Anyway we have what we have now ans all we can do is support the manager and the team.
  9. Whats the worsted that could happen? Another loss, well we do that anyway.He has the opportunity to be brave or will he hide behind the stats from yesterday. No matter what team we’ve got to scrap for every point now.
  10. Tom pope works his socks off and you can see the passion he has for the club, his goals are invaluable and he will be a legend at this club. On the other hand he takes too much ball and dictates too much of the way we play, its ok winning loads of headers but if they go no where near anyone then no point. It’s a dilemma for any manager. Also Smith works his socks off but I’m not sure if he’s just National league level,and is he bad luck!
  11. you’re getting some bad press on Twitter, what have you done ?
  12. Wow they are going to have a meltdown deciding who you are Norman
  13. The stats say one thing but the performance was poor but you are right in the sense a lot on here have issues in how they express themselves,and despite there insistence most would never talk to people that way face to face. Having said that one lad at the match had a complete melt down and had to be spoken to by the police in attendance
  14. Yesterday poor defending, wasn’t the first time a similar thing happened.
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