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  1. Perhaps it is old age, but I'm almost fully convinced now that there is very little worth listening to after about 1986. A few exceptions but the 90's were lacking in anything innovative (Britpop was a poor revival of mid-60s mod stuff) and then it got worse after 2000 and continues to worsen. Loads of younger music fans won't buy recent stuff and prefer going back to discover the treasures of the late 60s, 70's and some 80's stuff which proves my point a bit.
  2. The German 80's synth-pop trio ALPHAVILLE - their album Forever young is superb, especially the hit single 'Big In Japan' and 'Summer in Berlin'. 'Big In Japan' were actually a group themselves in Liverpool around 1978/79, who all went on to have fairly successful careers with other bands, most notably Holly Johnson of FGTH. Alphaville liked this fairly unknown Liverpool band, and decided to write a song named after them, and it became a massive hit in 1984 in a dozen or more countries (No 1 in some countries including Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, and No 8 in UK) at exactly the
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