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  1. Such was the way that injuries and form meant this season’s squad was utilised at nearly every twist and turn, it’s easy to view Amoo as mostly a spare part. Along the way though, he gave some invaluable contributions that helped bump up the points tally and give the team momentum - from turning around the infamous home game to Leyton Orient before pulling the ball back to Politic; entering the field at HT at Crawley to assist two goals and bag one himself; running half the field at home to Bradford before Wilson finished; or racing away to ignite the equaliser at Barrow, he played his part in crucial moments. Must be peculiar for him to be the only player released, but hopefully he knows he’s valued. One final choral “Amoooooooooo” at Wembley would have been fitting but, in fairness, the way he took on Zinchenko at the Etihad before popping in that cross for Pope already makes him part of folklore.
  2. Way too much Hoofball and the rhythm is static. Get Amoo up front and stick Edmondson on the right. We need players who can actually take on a man and run with the ruddy ball. Utilise the flanks to help Charsley and Garrity, they’re not in the game at all.
  3. I really do feel that Amoo can be our Myrie-Williams, and that it’s a big pity that Clarke/Crosby see him as striker. As yourself and others have posted, he was great when he came on, really energising our attacking play. He often has. You can guarantee he won’t start on Saturday though. Worrall appears to be undroppable and it seems left midfield is never messed around with mid-game. Exeter are a good team, but there was too much hit and hope tonight. Charsley dropped his usual standards, and Benning is steady but doesn’t create. That bit of spark, in the link between midfield and attack, is still a work in progress (hence the lack of penalties like you say). Onwards …
  4. Yesterday showed we’re much better when we dare to have a go at teams. We just need to do it from the first whistle. I thought Stone absolutely justified his return to the side; Hall was very good with and without the ball; Wilson and Proctor, while not on the scoresheet, showed why they’re integral to our forward play by creating some very good assists; Charsley’s got a great engine and I love the way he relentlessly closes down the opposition. Thank the Lord for Garrity. If we had Gibbons in for Hussey, I’d say we’ve a strong XI. I’m not entirely convinced by the latter. He reminds me of Benning in his tendency to play the ball either sideways or backwards - going against what you require from a wing back/winger. 3-5-2 worked well, unsurprisingly. It was nice to see Worrall more advanced in the first half. I’d like to see Amoo get some minutes during this next fortnight of consecutive fixtures. He has more to offer from the bench than Cooper and Harratt. Half of our remaining games are against the top 9. It’s hard to know whether we’re capable of using that to our advantage. A 4-1 should surely instil some momentum for Tuesday, regardless.
  5. Yep. Got criticised on here for having a “negative stance”, because I said 6 draws in 8 is proof that we don’t create or score enough. I’d love to be wrong, obviously.
  6. We do. It’s just Amoo and Worrall are sat on the bench. Baffling.
  7. It’s not about having a negative stance, it’s about watching games and acknowledging we lack a certain firepower and creativity within our play. The six draws we’ve had in this 8-match unbeaten run confirm that. And as I mentioned above, Amoo played the full 90 against Accrington and single-handedly changed the game when he came on at HT at Crawley. Sorry for spouting facts.
  8. I take your point. (Though I was referring to the league more than the FA Cup). But since we’re here: who played the full 90 against Accrington and also came on at HT at Crawley to assist two goals and even bag one himself?
  9. I’m not convinced by that. Joint-top number of assists suggests otherwise, no? In his 18 minutes against Rochdale, for example, he did what no other player had achieved all game. Vale haven’t trounced any opposition this season, essentially because of the system we play. The wing backs don’t bomb forward too often; Garrity and Pett are very solid but don’t create, neither Conlon or Amoo (10 assists between them) are in the current side, yet we’ve three strikers on the pitch. There’s an inevitable discordance in the game play, and the dull victory over lowly Stevenage demonstrated that. Positive result aside. March will be a very telling month.
  10. What does this guy have to do to earn a place in the side? Joint-top number of assists, alongside Conlon. Put two chances on a plate last night for Worrall and Wilson. In just an 18-minute cameo. He actually runs at the opposition (check out the highlights for those two chances mentioned above). I feel for him. He'll doubtless not be offered a new contract in June and I cannot fathom why, within such a low-scoring team (16 goals in 15 games), Clarke/Crosby are reluctant to play someone who increases our ability to score goals. Remember the second half at Crawley? Brought on at half-time, created two goals and scored one himself. We need him on the wing, creating chances for Proctor and Wilson. Vale are going nowhere with such a defensive set up.
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