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  1. Shame. Good act. Incidentally, my cousin Kate had a date with him before they made it big.
  2. I gave up on the website today after an hour of countdowns with no Rachael Riley's and went up get mine 2 hours and 10 minutes later i got served....slightly longer than the match i've paid for
  3. Gungho_ED

    Kurt Zouma

    He should have all his pets taken off him the cruel <ovf censored>
  4. One of the few players i know that played with a smile on his face all the time. See if he's still got them bright white teeth when he laughs and post a picture
  5. You wont get an honest opinion with such well considered views like his on the BBC or ITV these days. Its very sad. No debate. Only thought policing. I reckon when our children and grand children are all struggling to pay for all this mass paranoia about some disease thats, killed a lot more as in cancer misdiagnosis, like my Mum, than it does in it own right, they will ask one question What the hell were you thinking of? We all know what happens if the right wing take over. Horrible. But i fear what its going to be like now the left wing have taken over. So far, so bad. GB News is quality. Both sides of the argument aired. Make your own mind up
  6. The reason i ask was i was thinking that they would make an excellent test case for heard immunity once someone has tested positive. We've all heard of dozens and dozens of them testing positive so therefore creating natural antibodies So i want to know if any of them have caught it twice The vaccine doesn't appear to do anything imo.... except cause division and finger pointing
  7. I'm assuming that all the players in all the football league clubs do the more accurate pcr tests every day Does anyone know if any of them having tested positive previously and then gone on to test positive again? As in caught it twice?
  8. Magicians use rabbits and ducks during their act because they remain calm with loud noises and bright lights, so i reckon your duck would be sound as a mascot for the day. I'll bring some bread
  9. I think he's done it because of some book he's been reading
  10. Should of smacked him in the mouth. Absolute clowns the stewards in that stand. 10 years ago mate he would he'd have been released from hospital today. These days i try to be more pragmatic and chilled. Even though I don't agree with the change from common sense normal rules to control of free will and people letting power go to their heads. Even though there are loads of anti smoking people i'm glad that none of them have come trumpeting in saying i shouldn't be smoking anyway so cheers for that people who will live longer than me. A quick google says 19% of people smoke. So its probably best to keep 1 in 5 of your customers and supporters on side and cut them a bit of slack....as has been the club policy prior to Saturday's match
  11. Anyone else have mither off the stewards about smoking pre game in the Railway Paddock? Turns out you can only smoke at half time now even though its outside and out the way. I didn't know so sparked a fag up walking back from the loo and a steward came up to me, grabbed me on the wrist and slapped my ciggy out of my hand the cheeky pig. Then he said "Carol says there's no smoking until halftime" 51 i am and found it intimidating and unnecessarily aggressive
  12. Ours. And i cant think of any other nations fans who sing their own anthem during the match except us. France 2nd. Very rousing. Shame its in a foreign language or i'd sing along
  13. It wont actually happen this. It will be a stand off right up to the last minute with the big 6 staying in the current champions league format as long as they can get even more money than they get now.
  14. It was vile the 1st 3 days. I sweat so much in bed there was an outline on the sheet where i had been lying, and then 5 minutes later i was freezing cold. Really bad headaches and i've never slept so much in my life. The worst thing was how bad things tasted. Even beer was horrible. Then after 5 days i felt better though still tired. I got so bored of being off work by the end of the 10 days my wife suggested i made a bird table...then sulked when she came 5th Joking aside, she tested positive for covid on Tuesday so i'm off work and looking after her now. She had trouble breathing for 1st couple of days which scared us both but thats improved and she seems to be doing a bit better. It must be all the soup i'm lovingly microwaving her
  15. Ive tested positive today after feeling like <ovf censored> for the last 3 days. Its not nice. Headache and aching bones, sweating and then freezing. The only positive is i cant taste the wives cooking. Cya on the other side hopefully
  16. Anyone else watched Ozark on netfix? Funny, clever, exciting and dark at times
  17. Before my Mrs lucked out and married me, she used to use Bright House and took great pleasure in their closure the other day. Here's her tribute
  18. I'm currently listening to the neighbours to the right of us dog bark constantly, the neighbours to the left of us shouting at each other in Polish and the wife ordering me around and constantly finding me jobs to do
  19. People are still prepared to cheat the ban i've already found. I had a front door in cheadle to fit and a front door in Blurton to fit. Both customers when i rang them this morning said they would keep out of my space while i fitted their door and happy for me to work in their home. Then i told my wife i was going to work and she went ape <ovf censored> at me and made me cancel So thats it. The last time i had a day off ill was 2016 with flue funnily enough so it feels weird being at home. I just wish i'd stock piled some home brew kits now
  20. The companies who make sanitising gel must be rubbing their hands together
  21. I blew £100 worth of rockets up last night at 11pm and loved it Lets just have a go on our own and see how it goes We wont have to beg to taken back. The EU would jump at the chance of controlling us again. The trouble with people, probably 48% of them, is your that used to being told what to think, you've lost your balls I've had enough of being treasure island for them Right. I'm off down the pub to carry on celebrating....and i'll drink some Stella just to show there's no hard feelings
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