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  1. They should have put a Gaviscon vending machine next door to Wrights pies if you ask me
  2. I'll tell you what does my head in. Last season i had a table in the Bailey Lounge a couple of times. You get a seat outside with the deal. My mrs was ill but still came. She wanted to watch from inside but they will not let you watch the game through the window at any cost. There are 2 blokes who are proper hypocritical arseholes who stop you. Then the second you walk out of the room they go to the window and watch the match. I thought the point of hospitality was to be able to watch from inside or outside They say that the police fine the club if someone gets seen with a drink in their hand. One of my guests, an old bloke who only drinks tea, and they wouldnt let him.watch either. One of the matches was on a very cold day in February. I spent over 2 grand on hospitalty last season. That alone is enough money to change the glass to tinted so plod cant see you having a pint
  3. Tonights a bit like the football fans Christmas eve in my mind. You hope your chairmen have bought you some good presents and the managers really treated you. And then the turkeys get served up at 3 o'clock just like Christmas Day
  4. Caster Semenya What a cheating bastard. Just because they've had, shall we say, things removed, its still a bloke thrashing all the women because technically, they have a blokes body. And by the decree of nature, naturally stronger And so obnoxious and arrogant with it Boooooo!
  5. Wheres the new posts button gone Rob?
  6. I think we went up in 3rd position behind rotherham n gillingham but there was no trophy for 3rd
  7. Nil paid shares wins the battle of the ******** for me
  8. In a way i'm glad...slightly less chance of some other team pinching him in close season
  9. I'd have loved to score just one goal for vale in my life. Actual Port Vale fan Tom Pope has now done it 100 times So proud of you Tom
  10. Cheers for that. No doubt i'll be on here moanin if its to complicated for me. I only found out private browsing existed 3 months ago. At least i can search for presents for my wife in secret now
  11. I've decided to try this ifollow tonight. Just so i don't get stressed trying get it going...i'm a hammer and chisel type of bloke not an internet savvy sort. Have they sorted it out now so it works and is easy to get working?
  12. When Scotland had their referendum on leaving the union, he encouraged all Scots to vote leave. Then he moans(and can he moan) about Scotland leaving the EU. So going by that he just doesn't like the English people at all So in return i dunna like him.... and i hope his hip knackers him as he limps to the cash point to draw some of his millions out to enjoy his early retirement
  13. We've got a massively wide pitch at Vale Park. It could be made wider. We used to use it to our advantage years ago but every season it seems to be narrowed Popey wins more high balls into the box than any other player. Buy 2 wingers and widen the pitch i reckon
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