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  1. Anyone else watched Ozark on netfix? Funny, clever, exciting and dark at times
  2. I think people have become a bit to over sensitive. i don't think anything he said was horrible or meant in a nasty way. Please don't ban me for posting this
  3. If there was a forum about what i get up to at work i'd definitely read it even if i wasn't allowed to say what an ace window fitter i am on there. So when you read this Nathan, nice one mate and thanks for your commitment (Just noticed its my 100th post. Do i win anything?)
  4. I still argue with Stoke fans though....your not one of them are you?
  5. I gave up wasting my time pointlessly arguing with people on the internet years ago mate. I say what i think and you can take it or leave it...no offence
  6. We all know what happens if the far right gain control anywhere...look at the Nazi's But we don't know what happens if the far left get to much power like they seem to be doing over recent years. We live in a democracy where the majority are supposed to rule, yet seem to pander pathetically too every minority going...afraid to cause perceived offence. The kids growing up now are all going to end up mard arse pussys....no offence
  7. Robbie Keene playing for Wolves against us at Vale Park. Mental. No one could get the ball off him and he just ran through us when it suited him Andy Townsend played ace against us when we drew Norwich in the cup years ago as well. Scored a goal running from midfield and lobbed Grewy from miles out Both different gravy
  8. This time last year i was looking forward to leaving the EU These days i just look forward to leaving the house
  9. The Queen is making a speech today? I haven't even got the bloody turkey in the oven.
  10. Only 2 more sleeps until bins out day
  11. Anyone wishing to show their appreciation for Amazon delivery drivers are asked to clap at their homes tomorrow anytime between 9am and 6pm.
  12. Since being in isolation, i've heard my Polish neighbours having sex everyday. It isn't easy. I have to turn the telly right down and unplug the fridge
  13. Before my Mrs lucked out and married me, she used to use Bright House and took great pleasure in their closure the other day. Here's her tribute
  14. I'm missing football so much during this lock down, i've now started dividing my day into 2 halves. First half Caffeine. Second half Alcohol. There are no other rules.
  15. Yeah i play a game called SO watch when we have the Chase on. As soon as someone opens their gob and start by saying So... i press pause and me and my lady have a guess how many times they'll use it. The record so far is a southern mid 20's medical student with 14
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