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  1. Robbie Keene playing for Wolves against us at Vale Park. Mental. No one could get the ball off him and he just ran through us when it suited him Andy Townsend played ace against us when we drew Norwich in the cup years ago as well. Scored a goal running from midfield and lobbed Grewy from miles out Both different gravy
  2. Gungho_ED

    Joke thread

    This time last year i was looking forward to leaving the EU These days i just look forward to leaving the house
  3. Gungho_ED

    Joke thread

    The Queen is making a speech today? I haven't even got the bloody turkey in the oven.
  4. Gungho_ED

    Joke thread

    Only 2 more sleeps until bins out day
  5. Gungho_ED

    Joke thread

    Anyone wishing to show their appreciation for Amazon delivery drivers are asked to clap at their homes tomorrow anytime between 9am and 6pm.
  6. Gungho_ED

    Joke thread

    Since being in isolation, i've heard my Polish neighbours having sex everyday. It isn't easy. I have to turn the telly right down and unplug the fridge
  7. Before my Mrs lucked out and married me, she used to use Bright House and took great pleasure in their closure the other day. Here's her tribute
  8. Gungho_ED

    Joke thread

    I'm missing football so much during this lock down, i've now started dividing my day into 2 halves. First half Caffeine. Second half Alcohol. There are no other rules.
  9. Yeah i play a game called SO watch when we have the Chase on. As soon as someone opens their gob and start by saying So... i press pause and me and my lady have a guess how many times they'll use it. The record so far is a southern mid 20's medical student with 14
  10. Ive never watched so much telly in my life since this lock down. What i've found amazing...and equally annoying is how many experts on tv when interviewed "up speak" Most start every answer with the word "so" and then proceed to turn in to an Australian by the end of every sentence, going up in their vocal range and sounding like a right patronising idiot. Loads of the women they interview also "vocal fry" the last word of their sentence and try and croak like kim kardashian I'm also sick of the kids round our way putting an extra letter in words that don't exist in that word Please has become pleyuz, fifteen has become fiftyun, and food has become foowud Also, there's what i call Kenny Lunt disease. Where once the person has started talking, they then set off on a self inflicted test of how high an octave they can finish their sentence in If you've got any kids at home during this difficult time, can you please, for the love of God, pull them up on any of these growing traits and teach them to speak in a proper stoke accent and teach them words like conna, wunna and dunna And if you yourself are guilty of up speaking, pack it in you patronising <ovf censored>. We're not thick so stop talking to us all like we are
  11. I'm currently listening to the neighbours to the right of us dog bark constantly, the neighbours to the left of us shouting at each other in Polish and the wife ordering me around and constantly finding me jobs to do
  12. Gungho_ED

    Joke thread

    With Birdy at the front
  13. Don't know if this has been mentioned but its seems impossible to cancel sky sports and bt sport if your a virgin media customer. They aren't answering the phone...i get that The shops aren't open i get that And the website bit where you can alter your package is down...i get that...its because they are sneaky bastards and are going to charge me full whack when there isn't even any live sport on. Where's that Martin Lewis bloke when you want him?
  14. Gungho_ED


    People are still prepared to cheat the ban i've already found. I had a front door in cheadle to fit and a front door in Blurton to fit. Both customers when i rang them this morning said they would keep out of my space while i fitted their door and happy for me to work in their home. Then i told my wife i was going to work and she went ape <ovf censored> at me and made me cancel So thats it. The last time i had a day off ill was 2016 with flue funnily enough so it feels weird being at home. I just wish i'd stock piled some home brew kits now
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