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  1. I blew £100 worth of rockets up last night at 11pm and loved it Lets just have a go on our own and see how it goes We wont have to beg to taken back. The EU would jump at the chance of controlling us again. The trouble with people, probably 48% of them, is your that used to being told what to think, you've lost your balls I've had enough of being treasure island for them Right. I'm off down the pub to carry on celebrating....and i'll drink some Stella just to show there's no hard feelings
  2. I'm in that stand so looked into it. It seems to be in the middle of the away end, right behind the goal in the middle tear. You can go on a 3 D thing and see the view from your seat I've got a fat mouthy drunk bloke in front of me
  3. I got tickets in the ballot and i'm over the blue moon!!!!!!!
  4. I need 2 as well. Been workin away and never got round to sorting some out. Gutted
  5. I still think its the loudest crowd i've ever been in I got hit in the side of the face with a coin as well. 10 pences were like wagon wheels and a lot bigger in them days.
  6. The TV coverage of Brexit is so biased towards remaining Instead of celebrating the fact that democracy is finally heading towards actually being carried out at last, its 80%-20% in favour of the minority who lost Gets on my nerves
  7. They should have put a Gaviscon vending machine next door to Wrights pies if you ask me
  8. I'll tell you what does my head in. Last season i had a table in the Bailey Lounge a couple of times. You get a seat outside with the deal. My mrs was ill but still came. She wanted to watch from inside but they will not let you watch the game through the window at any cost. There are 2 blokes who are proper hypocritical arseholes who stop you. Then the second you walk out of the room they go to the window and watch the match. I thought the point of hospitality was to be able to watch from inside or outside They say that the police fine the club if someone gets seen with a drink in their hand. One of my guests, an old bloke who only drinks tea, and they wouldnt let him.watch either. One of the matches was on a very cold day in February. I spent over 2 grand on hospitalty last season. That alone is enough money to change the glass to tinted so plod cant see you having a pint
  9. Tonights a bit like the football fans Christmas eve in my mind. You hope your chairmen have bought you some good presents and the managers really treated you. And then the turkeys get served up at 3 o'clock just like Christmas Day
  10. Caster Semenya What a cheating bastard. Just because they've had, shall we say, things removed, its still a bloke thrashing all the women because technically, they have a blokes body. And by the decree of nature, naturally stronger And so obnoxious and arrogant with it Boooooo!
  11. Wheres the new posts button gone Rob?
  12. I think we went up in 3rd position behind rotherham n gillingham but there was no trophy for 3rd
  13. Nil paid shares wins the battle of the ******** for me
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