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  1. 😂 Illegal immigrants ain’t gone home so I can’t see foreign lorry drivers been forced out There is a shortage cause demand has gone through the roof
  2. Mate COVID has everything to do with lack of LGV currier drivers etc <ovf censored> all do with brexit
  3. 3 million well done hope your kids spend it wisely is money worth been hated by thousands of people I really hope I don’t bump into u out and about somewhere 👍
  4. We’re now towards the end of April was India out of control in jan and feb 🤷🏿‍♂️
  5. Shock Another vale fan bitch fest look at the money carol has lost by getting rid of the last clown how ever u can ditch the club u love and have suppported all your life is just unbelievable
  6. Yeah well done with trying not make this thread about u pair 👍
  7. Seriously? Thst don’t look good the virus will be worse at Xmas
  8. Looks like the slow process by the owners on appointing a new manager when leaving Pugh in charge has really paid off in what looks like getting the right man in next season could be good fair play
  9. U guys were loving the fact that u can make us look like we have caused this by voting leave as I knew what I voted for hey Andy
  10. Just cause he is on you tube don’t mean it ain’t a news channel it ain’t just bbc or sky news that’s out there
  11. Chest infection 🙈 I didn’t read anymore
  12. That’s one thing u can’t knock them for 👍
  13. I’m deleting that email it’s if it’s sending me <ovf censored>
  14. Where does it say they have moved jobs to another country surely a brexit favoured media ain’t going post that have u read it??
  15. Morning FUA yes mate lovely today and I’m in between jobs so calling in a rest day or 2 now the golf course is open but looks like I’m not the only one as it’s booked fully till tea time so just enjoy the sun with a brew 👍
  16. Again I take umbridge with the selfish part. It's someone's personal choice to be vaccinated or not. I haven't decided yet and no amount of coercion or guilt tripping will make me feel any different. If the vulnerable people are vaccinated then in my opinion that's good enough. I've yet to be convinced why anyone else should, especially children which is just plain wrong. I’m not on about the vaccine if u don’t want it that’s your call I’m on about 12 months of in and out of lockdowns that makes the people are against it for me personally and believe me mate I’m never in the house work golf few pints etc look a bit selfish cause they got stay in to protect other people
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