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  1. 😂 you must live a sheltered life or live in the countryside somewhere
  2. If it’s not true then why did the government not tell us that farage was lying and just let it happen I believe farage
  3. Suppose our governments were to embarrassed to tell us how they had been behaving over the years and letting farage get away with telling the country the EU control us This caused brexit we have only got drive through parts of this country to realise it needed/needs to be slowed down
  4. We have never had an open border. We were told how many we were having so more or less we did have a open border
  5. Suppose u need to ask boris that I can’t control what he does I can only vote
  6. Any idea what all them people are coming in for can hardly be for a holiday can it? Work? People coming here to see family’s maybe
  7. You seem to have done well in life 👍 but every comment you make on every thread you seem very sad
  8. So your saying a big percentage of the population who agree with farage are racist
  9. Wow 😂 U 3 are embarrassing Where the <ovf censored> do u think these immigrants are going straight into houses one random video proving there in hotels waiting to be given a house
  10. 😂 Are u trying tell me that crime rates would be this high without mass immigration seriously you need wake up
  11. 5 million EU citizens already living in the uk have applied for settled status the government said there was 2.5 million living here when we voted brexit Either more have come here to escape the EU or the government had no idea how many were here in the first place which makes the allegations of racism aimed at people who voted brexit cause of concerns of immigration even more <ovf censored>
  12. One thing is for certain DC knows a lot more than u
  13. What was our prepared pandemic plan??
  14. Just leave the page mate it’s embarrassing
  15. Were there thousands dying who had the vaccine like in this country come on mate the get at boris agenda is all down to remain/labour voters 12 month ago the world was over boris has got us through it No one would of done it better well done boris 12 month on basically I can do what I want 👍
  16. If boris ignores it and ends up with people dying certain press will hammer him the bloke is in a no win situation I’ll back him all the way 👍
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