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  1. Yes obviously we have a few teething problems to sort out But for all I know it’s probably just reporters who are on your side trying blame everything on brexit
  2. Wake up mate It’s a combination of both Overnight delivery’s,same day deliverys can’t cope with demand since the virus fact From a sister who runs one brexit was a small issue demand is the real problem
  3. The virus has a lot more to do with the lorry driver shortage than brexit
  4. How can u use that 😂 He can only fill 75% of his needed workforce cause he can’t get anyone else from Britain to work for him or he can’t make his workforce work more than 10 hours a day 6 days a week How many have we on the rock and roll in his area who could do the job it’s ridiculous I agree but there is way more to that than blaming brexit
  5. I’m interested in why VW is so botheread about how it’s effecting everybody’s lives so much especially for someone in the golf trade I reckon it comes from his labour supporting parents
  6. Tom pope has done well in life and just come out of contract so if he wants to spend the summer in the pub then fair play to him
  7. 😂😂 There’s bitter and there’s John smiths
  8. I was there with the junior valiants 👍
  9. We have never been a well run club as we are now in any of our lifetimes mate
  10. 😂😂 So u think that’s ok do you? seriously sad
  11. Ive got something for you it ain’t got any worse 👍👍
  12. Not sure where post this to get people feelings on it What do u think guys
  13. Are u trying tell us it’s the Asian community’s that are spreading this latest wave??
  14. What do u mean by that?
  15. Great site rob to catch up on signing and general chat about vale shame about the brexit thread that’s full of loose cannons 🏃‍♂️
  16. Mate life is short to be consistently unhappy get back home the sun is shining and bring some of them dunkers with u
  17. Good morning FUA I’m sure brexit has brought this good weather over as a celebration of what great people we are for voting brexit in
  18. Today’s story there thinking of giving up on a small percentage of there trade because of Italy and Spain making it hard work by changing rules Have a good days hunting
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