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  1. Free speech?? with people like u and VW it’s all over
  2. Dogs have passed the initial trail of smelling the virus inside people 😳 👍
  3. This track and trace isolation is stupid
  4. They were getting ridiculous amounts anyway we have all seen the pictures of boats flocking in on calm waters for me there taking the piss 54 <ovf censored> million
  5. Uk give France 54 million to step up security on the beaches there side on talk sport news today sorry for swearing but what the <ovf censored> is that all about
  6. What’s this North Korean social credit system ??
  7. Wow are you for real either the vaccine is stopping deaths or the deaths last year are <ovf censored>
  8. Does not do anything ?? i dont need say anything else 🙈
  9. So nightclubs are open from today but restrictions start in September 😂 Thst can only be a ploy to try and get the younger generation to have the vaccine
  10. I think boris should of been stronger under pressure and not gone in isolation and stuck to his original plan
  11. How is it a shambles? They have got to find the divide between protecting people and keeping the country afloat So far mainly thanks to the vaccine working they ain’t don’t that bad they have certainly helped most financially while keeping deaths at a low level
  12. Pointless comment early days they had no real idea what we were facing yes the signs were possibly there Your just against the government full stop
  13. I’m waiting to go hospital today to have our 2nd little vale fan delivered I’ll be wearing my mask whether I have to or not
  14. It was hardly ignored mate People will say we acted to late but I believe they went for herd immunity straight away until they realised how serious it was and then had no choice but to lockdown
  15. The government are so much more clued up in this than u are And i do have a very close family member as close as I can get who is probably at worst risk of succumbing to this virus
  16. There are some really sad negative posters on here and toyah is one of them Up the vale
  17. 😂 4 promotions already 9 game winning run in his first season with us Tell us a good manager u like?
  18. Your like my stalker What I mean is I don’t get it according to the remain side we ain’t got enough lorry drivers to cope cause we have sent them all home cause of brexit while we continue to allow people in by illegal boats so we are sending genuine tax paying workers home and allowing untrained workers in on boats straight on benifits if that’s true u can hardly blame the voters One thing I know for fact is the delivery industry has gone mental since the virus fact
  19. I’ve just watched a report by farage saying don’t believe a word miss Patel is telling us illegal immigration is still happening over 600 people entered this country illegally last weekend on boats that used to be dingys but according to u guys we got no veg pickers truck drivers etc 🤷🏿‍♂️
  20. Could take years I suppose just depends how long the EU carry on making it hard to try and keep there empire going
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