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  1. Our cities are becoming <ovf censored> holes how long before we end up a third world country
  2. So are these men who are coming across the sea on a dingy qualified doctors??
  3. So it’s out of control then suppose once we’re a minority u may admit it’s out of control
  4. U seriously need wake up before one day this all smashes u in the face
  5. 80% of the Twitter accounts that racially abused the coloured players were not based in the uk
  6. What makes u qualified enough to say masks are useless 1 comment is when will people realise its airborne another comment masks are useless U don’t need to write a essay on why either I already know
  7. Tell u what scares me more than anything is what’s happening in London over gang violence and stabbing is going spread through this entire country Yes I do blame the majority of it on immigration hopefully someone can tell me it ain’t
  8. I’m not botheread about the rest and we’re not discussing them but bet if we looked into it some were dodgy convictions aswell be interesting find out what the agenda or what they are scared of is The court case and prison sentence for risking the cases of the Asian gangs after they had already been found guilty is shocking Surely u must agree lad ??
  9. Tommy never broke the law it’s a conspiracy to shut him up fact Time will tell I suppose but one day we may look back and say the warnings were there
  10. Inappropriate comments 😂 I can’t take u serious anymore after your Tom Pope kitchen party comment
  11. Is that our fault? and I think u will find that we necessarily don’t want it stopped just better controlled I’m all for more doctors nurses etc to help us out of this mess
  12. Of course I’m against it Wrongly of course there are loads of videos posted online of beatings and bullying i may of missed them court cases of people being sued deep down I think u know aswell as I know it’s all part of the procedure of silencing and obviously now trying to finish him financially so sad really as he has kids himself Do u think he should of spent months in solitary confinement like someone on death row for exposing Asian rape gangs towards English vunarable girls after mainly silence from our mainstream news bearing in mind we have invited these people into our country for a better life I mean empty outside courts for there cases but the case of Tommy reporting on it was packed full of reporters
  13. Totally agree with u finally 👍 To be fair the governments around the world have started addressing it Don’t start me on the bbc I’ve already cancelled my tv license there just starting to threaten me
  14. Apart from a few clips here and there on mainstream news there is no real exposure of it or there was not anyway it was all farage saying that I don’t watch the news anymore
  15. So why do u hammer farage for exposing it? lets be honest if it was not for him we would not have a clue
  16. I’ll admit we’re probably not getting totally getting what we voted for
  17. Are u ok with all what goes on regarding illegal immigration??
  18. Nice top I’ll buy it cause I’ll be proud to wear it
  19. Now I know what your on about the little <ovf censored> bullying English girls on a online video but suppose your ok with that
  20. I knew what I was voting for Millions not thousands Does not make u right
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