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  1. Totally agree mate the problem was though he was not fit very often
  2. Is tonight’s game being streamed??
  3. So ginge comments that the fruit and veg shelves are empty again Then Doha puts pictures on that our farmers are going out of business something ain’t right there Cant our farmers get some apples and oranges on the go
  4. Is spreading it out on a public forum pointing out? Or is it another chance of a moan or dig 🤷🏿‍♂️
  5. Oh no life is over U must be bored post that on here
  6. Great Britain news breath of fresh hair to your mainstream brainwash <ovf censored>
  7. Listen to that aswell seen as your blaming him for the so called abuse
  8. What?? no kids on there How have these very young kids got across Europe never mind the channel 😂 More brainwashing by the bbc
  9. Obviously u do then I can only assume she went on to become part of this country working paying tax bringing up a family etc 👍 look I would have a completely different look to it if it was mums and babies on them boats but let’s be honest it ain’t it’s full grown men who have left there families behind to fiend for themselves
  10. I’m amazed that I support the same football club as some of u lot
  11. Never going get in in front of the main 2 party’s He would 100% make a better job of it though
  12. U need open your eyes and wake up do yourself a favour and listen to his new news channel and see what he is really like U need get away from the fact that he got brexit done as your pissed off as u did not want leave which I understand No need to just dismiss him completely though there is millions out there who like and agree with him they can’t all be wrong
  13. Go drive through Hanley cobridge burslem Tunstall and let me know what u think if that’s not enough then go have a drive round the outskirts of Manchester
  14. Farage talks loads of sense there certainly ain’t no hate there
  15. This is the problem with illegal immigration we just don’t know who is coming in
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