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  1. Some people may need 10 to 20 boosters to survive if they get it It’s safe now to most of us just have a bit of respect for them who ain’t safe from it
  2. I know yeah only interested in remainers articles Could report me for racism again though 🏃‍♂️
  3. I will be very suprised if any remainers get to the end of that video
  4. my reasoning is if online sales ain’t gone mental since Covid we would not need as many drivers Obviously brexit is not be helping Strange how we can’t get drivers from the EU but we can’t stop the illegal boats coming in
  5. The lorry driver shortage down to brexit is <ovf censored> Covid is more to blame
  6. Because it’s mainly down to Covid and a massive increase in online orders (FACT) Becareful what u say though u might get reported for racial abuse
  7. 😂 no you don’t I’m willing to sort it in a thread but obviously u don’t want to look silly so I’ll sort it privately
  8. Refresh my mind?? u can’t tell me when I was posting racist posts cause they ain’t racist just cause u think differently u used your powers of a admin on a forum to ban me 👍 And yes I will take it up with robf
  9. What?? I’ve had no conversation with robf I posted the video of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS entering our country and running off not been rounded up like we are told
  10. Yes of course they are but unfortunately we have a section of so called fans that put the club and players down at every chance they get its sad
  11. Fosse69 can u please explain how a video of illegal migrants entering our country and scarpering is racial and deserved a weeks ban??
  12. Like I’ve said before we don’t know if they are desperate refugees and it’s not just a few mate there coming in illegally in there thousands and we’re doing nothing about it
  13. No mate just having a full English breakfast before I play golf
  14. Morning lads 😂 Or we could just tighten them up
  15. The majority who voted leave voted that way to have better control of our borders but obviously this still ain’t happening so all the minor issues like no oranges now and again is for <ovf censored> all really cause nothing has changed Blame boris and co not the voters
  16. Still you guys to botheread bout a shortage of oranges and <ovf censored> turkeys
  17. We are supposed to support and back our own players to the death not give them <ovf censored>
  18. Everything he says is negative like a few others on here Sad if u ask me
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