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  1. Booing your own players is just ridiculous we are there to support them Just a sad reflection on there sad lives that they have to put other people down even worse when it’s there own team
  2. I’ve never really been botheread about politics I’ve just got on with life but seeing how stoke has changed over my life and finally grown up im obviously concerned what’s it’s going be like in another lifetime especially with no border controls coming in from country’s that have hardly any respect for women Hopefully there all trying to escape that way of life and I’ve been brainwashed by farage
  3. Farage agreeing with u ginge Forget brexit and just listen to what he says
  4. Do u vote labour? Are they any different?? I’m going struggle vote for boris again and so is my dad who is very pro conservative I can see a lot not voting next time and labour will go close What will they do differently??
  5. Do u think I’m stupid to vote for illegals to come flooding in, to pollute our waters, have no chocolate biscuits at Asda or to have less foreign workers to do the low paid low skilled jobs our million and odd unemployed don’t want to go work for(not that I blame them) Are u sure most of it ain’t been blown up to make brexit bad as obviously the leave voters are just cracking on then u got the remain camp putting every random press release up especially on here I’m not saying there wrong but we all know the press will push there own agendas As for boris he is defo losing voters Brexit was the first time I voted in my life 2nd was for boris to finish it off The rest is out of our controls
  6. Can u imagine how these lot would react to a right wing leader 😂 it’s racist now to post videos of illegal immigrants scarpering on our coastline after jumping of boats I dread to think what it would end up like if that happened
  7. Nothing racist in what I say or post You can’t say nothing anymore without the race card been thrown about I’ve still not seen the alleged racism post I’ve asked publicly and privately
  8. Doha Yesterday it was to pay for all the past boris <ovf censored> ups u mentioned Today it’s to sort out social care Any excuse to take our money
  9. Morning Firstly I voted tories once in my life I’m now 46 Brexit was hardly a Tory idea boris promised to finish it off so I voted for him what’s gone on since u can’t blame the voters ginge U mention brexits many problems and then say it’s still early days?? Surely that’s why we have early problems it can and will get better Ive just asked my lady does she have to travel around stoke to fulfill her shopping list her reply was it’s not that bad there was no chocolate biscuits last Saturday though
  10. I’m not starving I’ve not seen anyone else starving either infact just seen a homeless guy eating ice cream 👍
  11. What’s all this got to do with brexit 🤷🏿‍♂️
  12. What’s that got to do with me 😂 the track and trace was a bit of a farce I agree but the PPE was needed in not totally behind boris anymore I just don’t see any other options out there
  13. U would be surprised mate There pay has gone up recently and rightly so Either way it’s not all down to brexit
  14. And we got take into consideration that local delivery drivers for the likes of DPD APC etc will earn more than long distance Lorry drivers
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