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  1. That word probably 😂 another remainer trying to scare us
  2. Leedsvaliant your making yourself look a bit silly mate
  3. He is still sitting on morning tv giving it billy big <ovf censored> most days
  4. He has gone for a bike ride 7 miles away if the headline is correct boris ain’t perfect I know but Christ that picking at straws for me Piers Morgan’s Xmas holiday is far worse after how he has gobbed off most mornings on tv about lockdowns and everything else the government has done wrong in his opinion how many times did he say cancel Xmas leaving older members of our familys alone at home while he goes on holiday with his
  5. Hardly going a weekend house rave
  6. That’s a pretty big claim
  7. What’s peoples thoughts on piers Morgan has he broke COVID rules or not?
  8. Freedom of speech is defo under threat
  9. Places of worship to remain open???
  10. According to sky news it’s looking like a full proper lockdown is coming very soon schools off license builders yards all to shut
  11. I’m not on about masks mate I’m on about the small gangs of young lads walking around with no care for social distancing Fair enough it’s a small percentage of younger people but should a teacher be expected to turn up Monday morning and teach these kids after prob staying in themselves all weekend
  12. Should teachers be exposed to the children who’s parents are letting them get on with things and not making them stick to lockdown rules
  13. I think he said if the EU let them in we all lose bets I ain’t got a clue what demagogue means but I’ll guess at u think he try’s to get the not very clever people behind him
  14. Like I said earlier Jacko it’s mainly immigrants but it’s also to be in more control of ourselves in general I believe that we will be better of making our own way
  15. I’m not on Facebook mate I left it couple years ago after falling out with mainly stoke fans taking the piss out of us I end up getting myself involved in debates that I can’t be arsed with
  16. I do believe that he has our best interests at heart though but yeah let’s leave it there
  17. I’ve just read the article on borders and that word is there again it suggests that migration makes us better off
  18. Andy I can’t give u facts as it ain’t happened yet No I’ll follow people I believe in just like u do
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