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  1. 6 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    I'm still positive I know what I voted for - your posts prove it. You are absolutely desperate to dismiss the idea of sovereignty. You absolutely cannot bring yourself to acknowledge it and I think I know why that is...because it's such a difficult thing to argue against and so you simply don't. You continually have to straw man, all of you, that brexit is about gas prices, brexit is about food costs, brexit is about stopping brown people coming into the country. The simple fact of the matter is that people didn't want to be governed by the EU and we wanted our own law makers to be sovereign and therefore responsible for what happens in our country. 


    Of course it is a success, of course there have been some downsides. Brexit voters knew that would be the case, we have all said so in these threads. You lot haven't admitted the positives of brexit once and that is depsite the fact that Juncker, Von der Leyen and now Barnier have all admitted them in the last year.


    Again, you simply cannot argue about Greece Italy and Spain, but you try. Unemployment rates are rising here but declining there - if that's still the case in 10 years time you might have a point. But there will be thousands of Greek/Spanish/Italians in the uK who are here because they couldn't find work in their home countries. I've spoken to them. I would count 2 as genuine friends. They don't particularly WANT to live in the UK, they didn't move here for the weather, they moved here because there are jobs here and those jobs pay much more than anything they could get at home. One of them left a job as a corportate lawyer to move here and started out doing menial work for equivalent money. That's the EU for you. Whilst at home the government put time restrictions on when you could withdraw your own money from your bank. It really is no good. 


    It's easy to be pro EU and live in UK/France/Germany. Not so easy when your country is bankrupt, the people making the decisions for you don't actually care about you although they'll chuck you a few crumbs to feed off whilst you are fighting to keep your head above water. Greece and Italy would leave the EU tomorrow....If they could afford it, which they can't. And that's not because the EU is a plentiful fertile land, but because they don't have their own currency to protect them.





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  2. This is not racism so please don’t take the easy option and ban me 

    This is what we were told would stop once we voted brexit it obviously ain’t happening don’t blame the voters blame our soft touch government 

    The majority of us are concerned for the future of our kids not the <ovf censored> small increase in chocolate biscuits or the threat of no Christmas pudding 

  3. Just now, 1 said:

    I have always been confident under Clarke that the defence will be really solid and every aspect of the team will get better. My only worry with the team was goals, but I think this squad has always been designed to share them around, then if someone pops off with 20 it’s just a bonus.

    This squad is good enough for top 3, just keep the injuries under control.

    Bookmakers haven’t cottoned on yet if anyone wants to make some holiday money for next year.

    I’ve already got a nice bet on at 20/1 👍16s still to win the league is a great bet E/W top 3 pays 4/1 still 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, darren1810 said:

    Don't like raking up the past but i will 😂 

    What on earth went on between him and Aspin god only knows. The fact he was ditched considering we were so awful was staggering.

    Anyway back to positivity, he's superb. His workrate and commitment in any game is never in question. Absolutely runs his socks off and from the outside seems the sort of pro who would play in goal if Clarke asked him.

    We've all been frustrated at times that the wing back system doesn't suit him but again yesterday popped up all over adding a goal to last weeks assist. 

    Great player. 

    That’s more down to fans thinking they know more than the manager on players and positions 


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  5. 1 hour ago, Iron Curtain said:

    Interesting comments from Dc in his post match.

    Asking fans not to make scapegoats of new players who will need time to settle in… good luck with that DC Cale fans need a boo boy and will eat one out even if we are playing well.

    I also liked his comment about Garrity doing everything he can to be a pro. He even has tests to make sure his nutrition is right and he is eating as good as he can… makes a change from a certain ex players “couple of pints on Saturday and Tuesday night but try dead hard on a Saturday”


    DC is the <ovf censored> if u ask me 

    He will end up a vale legend 👍

    Up the vale mate 

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  6. 8 hours ago, WV said:

    Were they really? 

    I thought we took a lot less refugees (from war torn countries) than the rest of Europe when we were in the EU. How did they get here before if not on boats?  And how does any of this effect your daily life negatively? clearly enough to get you to vote for the 1st or 2nd time? 

    I’m worried about the future for our kids especially my very young daughter 

    I really hope I’m wrong 


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