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  1. Teams lose games. Always have and always will. We just put it behind us and move on. The biggest issue by far is the loss of Worrall for 3 games ( and to a lesser extent Joyce for 1 game )
  2. Taylor does put his hand on his back but no way was there enough force to push him down
  3. I agree with you but once they made the subs it was all them so if it wasn't that moment of skill a goal may have come from elsewhere
  4. As I said earlier we were already down to the bare bones without having to rely on the bench to change a game
  5. In the end though it was more than just a moment of skill that was the difference between us wasn't it?
  6. Never thought of that. With our luck he'll be gone in the morning
  7. We were well and truly in this until their substitutions. We were already down to the bare bones as it was so we couldn't respond with anything like the quality they have and in the end it told
  8. Completely agree with this although I'm less sure about what to do upfront
  9. So Innis will still be playing against us on Saturday then.
  10. Do 'sending offs' in the leasing.com trophy count in subsequent league matches?
  11. Sorry to see Sam go but it would be unfair on him to keep him here. He's too good to be a number 2 - a really good move for him too
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