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  1. Read his book earlier this year. Seemed a well grounded bloke considering he scored against Brazil in his international player and performed on the big stage in his singing a career.

    I can remember a few years back when my mate's father, who had been going to Vale years, was asked who was the best player he had seen play for Vale and he responded with "Colin Grainger". A bit before my time but he must have been some player.

    I believe he played at Sunderland and Vale with Billy Bingham who also passed away this month.

    RIP guys.

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  2. I think I'm hopeful that season ticket sales will improve but these are difficult times where people are watching every penny. For me I renewed straight away in support of the new owners and what they are doing for our club where as previously I've waited until the last week before renewing.
    The pessimism in me as a vale fan is waiting for it to go t**ts up at some point but these are exciting times and I'm enjoying the moment.

  3. Anyone know if the fan zone has sold out? Trying to get a ticket online but I can't proceed as I have to select
    a delivery option but there are none there! Think it was there yesterday but now I've decided to go I can't buy one. Think I'll have to make a journey to the shop.

  4. If it's any help. I tried to log on this morning on my laptop but it requested my ifollow account password which I can't remember but is on my Kindle (where i can't change it for some reason even though logged in but I digress). It did however accept my password for the club shop wher
    e I've been purchasing the club programme all season. After getting a 3 minute timer which then hung I thought I'd venture out to the ground but having seen the queue thought I'd try again online as I'd got til Sunday to claim it. Tried again with the club shop password and was straight in this time.
    Point being if it recognises you as an ST holder you should be able to claim your ticket.
    Was going to go the away game but train doesn't get there till 12.20 so I think it's the fan zone for me. Anyone going? Come on Vale!!!
    After all the faff of getting time off work excited doesn't seem adequate enough to describe how I feel!

  5. We're too predictable in our lineup. Same formation time after time. We keep playing Smith and worrall in unnatural positions. Smith is a centre back full stop he is not supposed to be a ball player. He even indicated at a free kick he is not supposed to be doing this! Unlucky with injuries especially the midfield but why take Charsley off to put Wilson back there. Very disappointed but not surprised. I know DC started this formation but he had the ability to change it. Sadly I think we've missed our leader.

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  6. Thought we did okay being as the side is a bit unbalanced at the moment. Nothing to warm you up though. Thought Gibbo Garrity and Pett did well but would have hooked Rodney after an hour but thought he got more into the game and then he did that sublime pass to Amoo

    I think so possibly DC trying to get him some game time as Hartlepool hardly threatened and I thought we'd have to throw it away for them to get anything out of the game. The win was the most important thing whilst we're not at full throttle.

  7. Glad to see DC saw the same first half as us and made the required changes. Worrall is far better further up the pitch and it was good to see Wilson get better and better as the game went on as he's usually been hooked after an hour. A shout out for Pett as well an excellent game but better second half as he had some forward passes to make.

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  8. In all honesty enjoying the ride. Still think wozza is in the wrong position but you can't grumble at the moment. We actually look like a top of the table team. Lots of fun to come but I'm an older valiant and will hopefully see us move out of this division anyway anyhow. A title would be magnificent but at least you can see a glimpse of it after today

  9. Awesome. Those are the games you live for. At the end of the game it was just like the teams were just coming out as everyone was still there! The few that left early must be kicking the cat when they flick the results on. Thought the front two were excellent first half keeping there defence busy. Should have made more of the two defenders being booked and seems like I'm one of the few who agreed with the mom decision. Excellent game.

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  10. Huge respect to the Danish players. Firstly to put a protective wall around their team-mate and then to have enough fortitude to step on the pitch to complete the match which has in all effect saved the competition whilst only being concerned about their friend and colleague. That must have taken some doing. I, for one, wouldn't have blamed them if they had decided to forego the competition.

  11. 4 hours ago, Mario said:

    I don't call this a lockdown we are just playing at it, how come BET 365 can carry on ? how is online gambling a essential service ?
    Over 1k daily deaths it should have been properly locked down on Boxing day get the armed services on the streets to keep the morons at bay shut the borders ffs and if you have to travel you should be compulsory tested when you get home as I said we are just playing at it Rant over.

    It isn't an essential service. My lad works for the company and has been working from home since the end of October. Those that are in can't.

    Agree about the current lockdown this is nothing like the first one where you could look up the main road and not see a car.

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