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  1. Huge respect to the Danish players. Firstly to put a protective wall around their team-mate and then to have enough fortitude to step on the pitch to complete the match which has in all effect saved the competition whilst only being concerned about their friend and colleague. That must have taken some doing. I, for one, wouldn't have blamed them if they had decided to forego the competition.
  2. What an absolute farce. They'll be back on for 15 minutes then off again for half time. The snow stopped ages ago ref. Streuth
  3. I can cope with waiting for a manager! It was the jokes I was referring to.
  4. For God's sake appoint a manager!! I can't take much more of this!!!! 🤪
  5. I tend to follow the home team on ifollow so as to find out the current news for Vale and to see what the opposition think of us on our travels. It's a bit mixed as some of the commentary is quite knowledgeable and at the other end of the spectrum it seems like they have placed the microphone in front of some old chap who has unscrewed his flask and is talking to his mate. Heaven knows what they thought of the Radio Stoke guy who was really riled that he didn't spot Crookes knocking it over the line if they do likewise.
  6. Hang in there Joe. It comes with the territory of being a Vale fan. I share your pain after 45 years of it. We're all in it together. You're a passionate guy. Stick with it.
  7. You have Rodney starting on that link Rob 😉
  8. What about ref's applying normal rules when a player is 'shielding' a ball out of play. No matter what a player does in an attempt to get the ball the 'shielder' always get's the decision even if he has shoved his backside into a player attempting to get the ball. Anywhere else on the pitch it's a free kick for obstruction.
  9. Wasn't that Bruno's sidekick Andy Smith? Think he follows him around to most clubs. Unsurpisingly Bruno is on his sixth club since leaving Vale!
  10. How bout Shirley Bassey! Thanks Dad! x Love Kate Bush , Enya, Alf, but theres probably someone in my record collection I've probably overlooked.
  11. Well finally finished watching the game at 10.15 from a 7pm KO. Absolutely shocking service! Normally I'm not fussed if I can watch the game in full without knowing the score but my brother texted to say we were in the play offs 🤬
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