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  1. Too late to edit the post, should read car park.
  2. Some good ideas there, the temporary fencing bit, extending out onto the car park , is what most clubs do anyway at ht for smoking areas so no additional outlay there.
  3. Fans are aware that violence in the stadium, as at Grimsby for example, will result in fines and possible points deduction for the club, not to mention football banning orders for those involved, but it doesn’t stop them doing it.
  4. Which in my mind means there is a greater risk going into that part of the ground than one of the stands. I want to get back to vp as much as the next person, I just think it’s probably safer at the moment, in the stands.
  5. I have a season ticket for the corporate area, but am seriously considering going back to the Bycars. firstly, the corporate seating area is quite small and there’s no way it can accommodate the usual amount with social distancing. then there’s the acces to it, having to go through the main entrance and walk through the building. they will be trying to reduce the people in these areas not increasing it.
  6. One of the best proposals I’ve heard of is the suggestion by Shrewsbury to play all the paint pot trophy games first behind closed doors,they’re poorly attended anyway and in the current climate they might as well play them behind closed doors, this way they will use up a few weeks untill nearer the time when fans are allowed in.
  7. That’s a big mistake, what were the owners expecting? They were a tiny club in the premiership, their ground only holds 11,000 for God’s sake.
  8. I would have gone down Hamil rd also, but I didn’t know it was yesterday.
  9. Don’t know where to start writing about a man such as Mike Lakin, the fact that so many old posters have returned to this site to post a tribute speaks volumes. i had the pleasure of knowing Mike quite well and was one of the few standing outside vale park with him during the Crawley game getting dogs abuse off other so called fans, in fact one of Mikes sons got assaulted. Port Vale has lost a true legend and as others have wrote, there might not even still be a Port Vale were it not for him. RIP Mike Lakin, Valliant to the end.
  10. I see Nigel Benn and Steve Collins are having a rematch, both are in their fifties and neither have fought since the 90s. What some will do for money eh.
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