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  1. Special mention to the linesman who gave Crwho every decision ,your plan failed so better luck next time.
  2. Great team performance a deserved 3 points,,and to all the Pope doubters the improvement when he came on was there for all to see both in the air and on the floor.
  3. Very inconsistent like most teams,but the fact we arnt happy with 3 games unbeaten,above half way and 5 points off the play-offs shows how far we've come from the Bruno,Brown,Aspin,Smirf days.UTV.
  4. Well,I've had worse nights,well done the lads.
  5. Macc were better than us ,but Vassell and the keeper were clowns, trying to goad a reaction from the Vale fans,maybe a fine for Macc for failing to control there players.similar to the fine Vale had the other day.
  6. I always look for positives even in defeat but not in this performance,I would say as an whole team performance it's the worst I've ever seen , if Macclesfield had been any good it would have been a huge score line.
  7. Huge over-reaction by radio sjoke,Swansea home form not brilliant of late,what time does Stoke open top bus tour of the city start tomorrow..
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