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  1. The benefit to him was that thousands of idiots sent him money to stand as Candidates £100 each which he kept. Everything else makes you a racist Nazi.
  2. You list the benefits. Taking back control and sovereignty are not benefits
  3. There wouldn’t have been a border in Ireland if we’d stayed in the Customs Union and single market which the liars on the Leave Eu side said we would.
  4. No it isn’t there was no paperwork or border controls before Brexit.
  5. Here’s the Head of the British Chambers of Commerce
  6. Assuming that you can read with your head in the sand https://t.co/c92Asm76Cd
  7. Brexit will cost millions of jobs. It’s a stupid idea it’s akin to putting water in your petrol tank because it’s cheaper then moaning that you’ve knackered your car.
  8. The UK sold the vast majority of its fishing rights to Spanish and Dutch companies. The overwhelming majority of which is sold to the EU because we don’t want it. its not about Fish it’s about No deal and making billions for Johnson’s mates by shorting the pound. we will also lose the vast majority of our car industry. So well done all those who swallowed the Tories <ovf censored> and voted for them
  9. GDP will fall 35% plus this year. Because of The virus. GDP will fall 9% because of Brexit. This is from various sources.GDP falls when mmigration falls as it’s based on net earnings per person. johnson appeared on this morning praising Herd Immunity in early March. That was complete <ovf censored>. Prior to that he had been in hiding for two months. The Tories have covered u deaths in Nursing Homes and have systemically failed to implement testing on any meaningful scale.
  10. Talking through your arse is your Forte it appears. Deaths in Care Homes are roughly half of those in Hospitals. Care Assistants have little or no PPE on Government instructions As for hindsight there was a national exercise in 2016 which showed that we were hopelessly ill prepared for a pandemic Civil Defence has been abandoned by this Government. Unemployment will rise to 3.2 million in June but then thanks to Brexit we can expect a 9% fall in GDP which will also increase unemployment. But you carry on cheerleading for the old etonians
  11. My particular agenda is that this Government are lying about PPE,Ventilators and the number of deaths.they have cocked up massively. And I <ovf censored> object to two close members of my family being exposed to serious risks which could kill them whilst this Government continue to lie and cover up supported by raving lunatics like you. Even the Mail has seen through them
  12. But Labour are not in power. The lying Vote Leave Tories are. They are continuing their lying and obfuscation. The buck stops with them.
  13. Racing behind closed doors in Dundalk is nothing like a Cheltenham.
  14. And here’s a picture to show how well the Tories have managed this. We had two weeks more notice than Italy or Spain
  15. For all the slavering Johnson groupies. Heres a time line for you https://bylinetimes.com/2020/04/11/a-national-scandal-a-timeline-of-the-uk-governments-woeful-response-to-the-coronavirus-crisis/
  16. I know a Vale Fan aged 82 who is hospital in ICU with the virus. His wife and two daughters (who helped him care for his dementia stricken wife ) all have high temps and are probably positive. Saying stuff it I’ll be OK is a bit daft. If you lose the gamble you could lose your life.
  17. In Mozzers they had sold out all of the rice .........apart from the brown.
  18. Can you actually read?
  19. Thanks for that. It wasn’t a rumour it came from a well known reliable political reporter. Nichola Sturgeon came out of the COBRA meeting and announced it. At that particular time she didn’t obviously realise that Johnson hadn’t got the balls to do it. so you can put your big book of self righteous moral indignation away.
  20. Gatherings greater than 500 people banned from next week. Cobra have decided
  21. Although if you’re looking for a medium to long term investment. Get yourself a Stocks and Shares ISA. Best time to buy is when the market is falling. It won’t go bust as thats the end of the world. Risk what you can afford to lose and a few years you’ll have made a fair profit.
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