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  1. This from the FT. Even the Tories know it’s a <ovf censored> show https://t.co/PRxzkF56v7 Now the Dutch are after the City Of London https://t.co/9vpLj8sszy More joy for Ren and Stimpy https://t.co/oGzO0GrGzJ
  2. Here’s a picture showing the UK relationship with European trading blocs. It hasn’t got one
  3. Even the Express are moaning now https://t.co/A246JUoNMU
  4. Unlike Brexiters to miss a point. You wanted to leave the EU because of unelected bureaucrats as well as fish and unicorns
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/feb/22/people-with-extremist-views-less-able-to-do-complex-mental-tasks-research-suggests
  6. There’s no unelected bureaucrats with any power. All commissioners are elected as well as the President and MEPs Unlike The cronies made into Lords by this inept corrupt government for services to Brexit.
  7. Daniel Hannan also said Covds not going to kill anyone. The man is a lying idiot hes also an unelected bureaucrat
  8. You can chat crap as much as you like sunbeam. 80 judges (mainly GOP appointed) disagree with you. You are a brainwashed pillock.
  9. The judges threw the case out because they had no evidence of alleged fraud. the lawyers could not present the conspiracy theories of voter fraud ie fill in the forms because they were made up and the lawyers could and would have been disbarred Trump is also likely to face criminal charges for trying to get the Governor of Georgia to rig the election ( call taped) None of this stuff is harmless 5 people were killed at the Capitol and temporary staff working at polling stations had their life threatened. Stay off Parler and Facebook is my advice
  10. The procedural ground that the plaintiffs ie Trump had no evidence to present other than made up <ovf censored>. The lawyers and Fox News are also being sued for over £1 billion dollars each for defamation by Dominion voting machines. PS Paul McCartney didn’t die in 1965 and the Queen is not a lizard.
  11. 1 .It’s photoshopped. 2. Comments living up to my previous comments.
  12. Farage The one on the top is white supremicist Farage the one on the bottom is Goebbels
  13. I said that if you agreed with Farage that makes you a racist Nazi.
  14. https://www.politics.co.uk/comment-analysis/2019/11/08/when-he-supported-norway-the-brexit-policy-farage-would-rather-forget/?cmpredirect
  15. Oh look more sunlit uplands https://t.co/nHs0p8r5dD
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