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    Why is it embarrassing?
  2. Beza


    just have a look at the terms of calling someone "pathetic"
  3. Beza


    I say what I see and hear and if you don't like my comments do not call me pathetic.
  4. Beza


    why are getting so uptight?
  5. Beza


    Christ you are easily pleased if you think Miller is the answer to our goal scoring problem, he is awful. You state he was good a Crawley. What about his other performances?
  6. A message to Norman. We are a very unhappy bunch and any dirt we can find on you we will. Enjoy your vino tonight.
  7. we are a run down 4th division club heading for non league. Who gives a fook. Owner doesn't that's for sure.
  8. Norman Smurthwaite you have ripped the heart and soul out of a football club that were formed in 1876. Port Vale have been through many hard times over the 143 years. Supporters in the past and present have had to work hard and put family matters to one side all for the love of supporting Port Vale. SO Mr ************ Smurthwaite don't you ever blame Port Vale fans for your failure in thinking you could buy a football club. Just go.
  9. So Gorm is blaming protesters before they protest for lack of sponsor's. Who's to blame for the lack of sponsors this season with empty boxes, advertising boards, a ragid flag on all the advertising poles above the railway stand??
  10. only because Ipswich players were on the piz New Years Eve at the Post House, that was the rumour at the time.
  11. I think the words were" he does naughty things when he wants, Clayton Fortune he does what he wants"
  12. I recall a song that Vale fans sang about a Clayton somebody years ago that might relate to what you are suggesting. The mind boggles.
  13. it's amazing how people like Garlic and Smurf want to speak when things are going well but when everything is going teets up they stay stum.
  14. As much as I hate everything about the Vale at the moment, what is the answer?
  15. Ray is correct,Miller is dreadful along with Vassel and a few others.
  16. let's all dress up in Grim Reaper costumes. Quote "The Grim Reaper is one of the most recognizable figures around, but that doesn't mean anyone is happy to see him when he noiselessy appears" Smurftwat is the new Grim Reaper.
  17. The numbers are bigger than 400 trust me. Folk can't be arsed to vote. They are just pizzed off with everything about Port Vale at the moment under the present owner. I know I keep going on about Smurftwat but please for the future of Port Vale wake up you Smurftwat lovers. Time to go
  18. Oystons will soon be packing and fled. Hopefully.
  19. Smurf will get found out just like the crooks at Blackpool.
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