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  1. Man.. that first caller on P&G was embarrassing
  2. Rodney needs loaning out. His head seems somewhere else
  3. Yeah, even now I still do not understand what he meant by that. It was a ridiculous comment.
  4. Petty is correct. I'm hoping they will be put either on the Vale YT channel or here -> https://www.youtube.com/c/thefacup/videos
  5. Crewe's ball number for the second round is 0. UTV.
  6. I gotta be honest... I just do not see where the goals are going to come from I'm talking about Crewe, of course. #RelegationCertainties
  7. Yeah. Maybe he should watch the highlights. A clear elbow and no wrestling involved.
  8. Yeah, lol, he said it as "higher accy". Play like yesterday and it won't be long before Accy are higher.
  9. Lol. RS comedy gold right now with Lucky Matt
  10. Crewe are currently consolidating 24th position - 2-1 Franchise
  11. As an expat living in Finland, we have trust here in the political system. When I compare with those in the UK, frankly British politicians are embarrassing. Unfortunately there is a lot of money in UK politics and I suspect this is the root cause, in that politicians will say and do anything to get a slice of that rather big pie. Unfortunately, after so many decades of this kind of lying culture, the people get apathetic towards it, which of course just serves to make things worse. I feel that if you take the money out of politics, not that it would ever happen of course, then you'll take out most if not all of those that have made a living out of it by simply telling whoppers.
  12. It was a beauty. He never scored goals like this for us as I remember. Just one of those that wasn't a fit for Vale, I guess.
  13. Crewe drop out of the top 23 by conceding a late goal
  14. Barce.. I mean, Crewe losing 1-0 #RelegationCertainties
  15. Vale not the only ones to have a mental in injury time. #RelegationCertainties
  16. Looks like we'll have a crest fallen Carl on RS again
  17. It ain't over til the fat lady sings. Well done Vale. Stuck at it.
  18. It's too easy to be negative. If we say play-offs is a minimum requirement for a successful season, then the odds are 7 in 24. It favours the negative "told you so" approach. We have had too much negativity around the club for far too long. I'm enjoying what I am seeing and long may it continue. For once, there is a light at the end of what has been a very long dark tunnel. Look again at DC's last post match interview. He tells the interviewer to keep his feet on the ground because there are sure to be some road bumps along the way. That is the kind of management I like.
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