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  1. What does 'listed as a triallist due to severance reasons' mean? I thought his contract with us had expired? Yeah. that had me confused as well.
  2. Cullen went off injured after 5 minutes, https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/spennymoor-town-1-0-hartlepool-united-verdict-early-pre-season-rustiness-shows-for-dave-challinors-side-as-they-look-to-turn-things-around-quickly-3316786
  3. Agree totally. Chiellini basically assaulted Saka and the tackle on Grealish was a cast iron red card in my view.
  4. How that was not a red card for the tackle on Grealish is a mystery to me. Studs up. Straight to the knee. Penalties now and I'm not sure I can watch this.
  5. Yes, agree. When Denmark got their goal they had weathered the early England storm and were playing really crisp passing football and imo were good for their lead. England were second best at this point and Pickford in particular made me nervous; easily his worst game in this tournament and the occasion seemed to have got to him. But England's response was magnificent and Denmark were broken by the equaliser. By the time an hour was played Denmark were dead on their feet and it was a matter of time before England got another. Yeah, the penalty was soft, but we have been on the receiving end of some shocking decisions over the years, so we were due a slice of good fortune. And massive credit to how they played during extra time, particularly the second period. Denmark were chasing shadows at the end and it showed just how far this team has come since the horror of the Scotland game. Onto Italy and hopefully glory.
  6. Big improvement required. Denmark deservedly leading
  7. I thought that in the first half we gave them too much possession. But we really set about them in the second half and they just couldn't handle us.
  8. We might win this one.
  9. The Grealish substitution changed the game for me. When we got around their penalty area we had some guile. But for me... Harry Maguire was immense. 11/10.
  10. Perfect cross by Grealish
  11. Yes, exactly v593. There is no ambition in this team. They just hope to sneak one and defend with their lives. If Germany score first, we're in trouble.
  12. Do England need to concede to wake up in this competition?
  13. Germany showing us how to do it
  14. Missed chances are one thing. We hardly created anything to miss and that's a worrying thing.
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