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  1. OMG. As clear a penalty as you'll ever see. Love the reaction of their player at the end of the clip. Lol
  2. Amoo could score a hat trick against Man City in the next round, but if he misses one chance, that'll be what some Vale fans will moan about. We've beaten two good league one sides in the cup so far, the second one without both of our first choice strikers. How anyone can find something to moan about is beyond my comprehension.
  3. Man.. that first caller on P&G was embarrassing
  4. Rodney needs loaning out. His head seems somewhere else
  5. Yeah, even now I still do not understand what he meant by that. It was a ridiculous comment.
  6. Petty is correct. I'm hoping they will be put either on the Vale YT channel or here -> https://www.youtube.com/c/thefacup/videos
  7. Crewe's ball number for the second round is 0. UTV.
  8. I gotta be honest... I just do not see where the goals are going to come from I'm talking about Crewe, of course. #RelegationCertainties
  9. Yeah. Maybe he should watch the highlights. A clear elbow and no wrestling involved.
  10. Yeah, lol, he said it as "higher accy". Play like yesterday and it won't be long before Accy are higher.
  11. Lol. RS comedy gold right now with Lucky Matt
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