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  1. I didn't say that though, did I? Listen to Clarke's interview where he sums it up perfectly, saying "when you play as badly as that, make sure you don't lose".
  2. Maybe, who knows? Tranmere lost to the mighty Walsall today. Who could have predicted that? Maybe they had the wrong formation, lol. Walsall, seven straight defeats before today but they somehow managed to suss out Tranmere with a new manager. Incredible. Maybe that's the real secret. Change the manager based on the opposition. Lol
  3. Exactly. Northampton are the 1-0 kings of L2 this season. They get ahead and shut up shop. Exactly the reason why a "go for it" approach is incorrect against this particular opposition.
  4. And you think we are the only team in this division to stick to the same formation. Lol. This is League Two. Not Champions League. FFS. get real. If it's so f'n easy, take your badges and be the next Guardiola. Just out of interest. Does anyone on here know how many times Northampton have played the same formation they did against us today? I mean, if they can "suss us out" why can't we do the same? It's not rocket science. Jeez. the negativity towards our side when we don't win is just mind boggling. We are a good team, one of the best in this division, which has not had the best of fortune when it comes to being able to play our strongest team this season
  5. I still do not get how an opposition team can "suss us out" when we have, what? 4,5,6 nailed on first team players out? Explain this to me. Imo, when we are at full strength, we are the best team in this division. Sometimes we will put an under par performance, e.g. Walsall. But over the season? Think about it. P46. W46. D 0. L 0. It ain't gonna happen.
  6. I want to take a different angle on this. Slate away. Last time out against Carlisle. A poor team and we dismantled them. Did they "suss us out"? Maybe, but they didn't have the players or confidence to execute anything that could change the result. Today. Northampton. A team riding high. Did they "suss us out"? Maybe. But they had the confidence and players to make a game of it. Result? Fair. A point each. I see also too many comments that somehow if we make a substitution that this will be a positive in terms of the result. I do not understand this thought process. I understand the "go for it" approach, but if DC had changed things around and we'd lost, can you imagine the backlash? DC got it right today. Two good teams today. We got a point. We move on.
  7. Comical defending last night. Too many cheap goals conceded.
  8. For me, it was a clear foul. Two movements. First he catches the ball and second he kicks out. He had to go. Even DC called it stupid.
  9. Totally disagree, We were off the pace from the beginning. A loss waiting to happen regardless of the officials.
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