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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p093pr4c
  2. Agree. He's on borrowed time already but this would just be one loss too many. One shot against third from bottom is just not good enough.
  3. How does this insight help us in our current predicament? Too many lay the blame at this player or that player. Last time I checked, football is a team game. Right now as a team, players and management, results are just not good enough. Now it is the first serious test of the owners (who I think are great btw) We need to find a solution because expectation is the driving force.
  4. The problem now is expectation. When JA came in he needed to stabilize the club and IMO he did better than that. He got us believing again in promotion. Now it’s gone sour. The acid test he faces is can he turn this around. Before, 5 defeats could be explained away. Not now though.
  5. Too much analysis. It’s difficult to defend 5 straight league defeats.
  6. Which is probably 8 players more than we started with
  7. Yeah and that would be a major disappointment for me. He has to face the music tonight.
  8. Maybe we need to motivate the players by threatening the return of Jim Gannon
  9. OK. Let the meltdown begin. I'll start. THAT WAS F***ING INEXCUSABLE
  10. I could understand this more if the teams we have played recently had something about them.
  11. Askey said the same and our team believed him also
  12. No excuses tonight. Whether they have lost faith in the manager or not. This is three points to be lost.
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