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  1. Always a good one for me this as I live very near the ground. Il have a load of Col Utd mates looking for bragging rights. Vale should, on paper win this by 2 or 3 just based on how inept and slow Colchester are but that said they are fighting for their lives so il take a scrappy 1 0. Pitch will be heavy as its been raining all day and is due to continue tomorrow. Hope we are bringing a good few hundred to cheer on the Vale. Come on Vale SVA
  2. Always a tough one for me this! Vale through and through as a Boslem lad but found myself in Colchester for the last 25 years and as a stones throw from home its hard not to follow the local team. Not many can claim to follow both teams avidly. First and foremost I want a Vale win for the record. The U's have been poor so far and are toothless up top. Defensively pretty solid. Hard to break down but lacking in any creativity. I'd like to think we should run out worthy winners by a couple of goals if we play anywhere near our potential.
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