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  1. Loved it. Brought back some memories. Couldn't stop laughing every time Jim Gannon was mentioned [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Love to see the Brighton game please. I was about 12 I think when that was played. What a great day that was
  3. With the weather set as it is probably 300ish give or take.
  4. Tough one for me this. Lived in Colchester for 30plus years and go to many of the home games. They are my second team for sure. ( not many can claim to follow 2 sides in L2!!) I go to all Vale down south fixtures and try and get to sunny Boslem now and again. Col Utd, barring the midweek Grimsby result have been in magnificent form most of the season.I think the Holloway effect gave Grimsby that bounce they were looking for and fully deserved 3 points. Col utd knock it around on the deck and play with a high press and tempo. They will make good use of the wide pitch at Vale I think. Theo Robinson is a cut above most in this league so definitely the man to watch from Vale's perspective. Personally I think a point would not be a bad result for either side but Vale will have to be at their best to have any chance of all 3. Caught between a rock and a hard place with this one as have one foot in either camp!! I'd love 3 pts for the Vale but would probably snap your hand off for a point apiece here and now
  5. Top lad. Hope SVA content continues. Love the behind the scenes stuff that goes on line 24 hrs after the event. Love the post match goss...please keep this up and then some. Good luck Max...SVA till I die
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