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  1. Sneaky peek pic has just been posted to facebook/twitter
  2. Couldn't agree more! Byfield looked past it and James ran around like a headless chicken.
  3. I believe Tomlinsons build is now to the point of impacting performance... if he wishes to continue as a professional footballer he needs to train as a footballer and not some sort of olypic powerlifter!
  4. Great news and best start to the week I've had in ****** ages!!!!!! Well worthy of my first post on OVF! Don't usually drink on a school night but I'm cracking open a bottle of the good stuff to celebrate. Best of luck to Grew & The Horse although the pressure's off after taking over from the Goon.... it can't be possible to do any worse! === :D === :D === :D === :D === :D === :D === :D === :D === :D
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