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  1. All in our own hands now, we can do it! Monday is our biggest game in years!!!
  2. Does not make sense, be good for the club to a) clarify the current capacity and b) count absent season ticket holders like every other club
  3. Don’t play players that have niggles, need people to 100% honest that they are 100% fit, the last few games and there are too many that just don’t look at the races….. Is it fitness? It is mindset? Do they not have the steel for the big games? Too concerned about losing? Some playing out their contracts and now not wanting to get injured? Who knows…. But something has to change, not just for the next 2 games, but we need momentum going into any likely play off battle. We need to tighten our shape when we don’t have the ball, it’s too easy for teams to cross a ball, knock the ball around the back 3/5…. We have to be hungry to stop a team getting into the final 3rd and all over the pitch! Where’s the rally cry, where’s the heart? Come on…. UTV
  4. Too many players playing through injury and shouldn’t be playing
  5. Won and lost in the middle of the park, we were dreadful, too many passive players for much of the game…. I also thought we played way to many big punts of the ball from the goalkeeper and we gave possession of the ball away too quickly as a result. 3 games to go, it’s all in our hands what more could you ask for, you’d much prefer to be us knowing we have it in our hands, than he 2 points away from 3rd place, knowing you need someone to slip up. Onwards and upwards - UTV
  6. Bang on and love the 1st few lines of this post!
  7. Looking for a Salford ticket if anyone has one! Thanks in advance!
  8. We sold out for this one?
  9. Big turn over of players worries me, will they gel/perform? Time will tell
  10. I’m slightly worried about the squad continuity tbh… if Cass/Rodney leave… maybe Conlon for the right deal, we’ve seen a fairly big coming/going off players… Our recent form, has to have something to do with a) not playing for a month and b) continuity of the same starting 11 To have so many players coming and going mid season… and to bring in very young players who are not used to that type of change cycle, is a slight worry for me…. I just hope it all comes back good, because we are miles away from where we were at the end of November
  11. I can’t see Amoo ever making a striker, he continues to run into the channels too much even when playing as part of a front 2… winger mentality, rather than looking at the gaps between the lines of the 18 yard box. I think He’ll be surplus to requirements now that we have Harrett and Eddie in the club
  12. I think if we are to get anywhere near winning tonight the midfield 3 of Pett, Conlon & Garrity need to up their game big time, they have been walked over/around in the last 3 games, they have all predominantly played a deep-lying role, they have allowed the opposition to play the ball too easily in the middle/just inside the oppositions half… I’ve been sick of watching how slow we are to attempt to turn the ball over. They’ve also been far to ‘safe’ in playing the ball sideways, if you look at the 1st 10 games, the drive to get forward, play that slide rule pass into the gaps, it’s just way off now….. I get the feeling that DC must be asking them to conserve energy in the 1st half of the game, to allow him to figure the oppositions style out…. If we play like we have in the last 3 games we’ve got little chance of winning… Last one for me… has anyone else noticed the big gaps between the back 3 when we lose the ball? If you look at a number of the recent goals we’ve conceded, the cohesiveness of the back 3 and then into back 5 with the wide players… they are way out of sync, we are suffering from the players not being disciplined enough when we don’t have the ball. Let’s hope they start tonight’s game with pressing football from the off, rather than waiting 45 mins to get going
  13. Deffo a better option that Amoo, I thought he was largely anonymous during the game, along with our midfield 3 for large parts of the 1st half…
  14. saw Rodney walking in to the Lorne street exec section with his family at 2.55…. Looked pretty happy….
  15. No TV coverage for the Vale game it seems
  16. We could do with signing either their top scorer or any one of Leyton orients top scorers
  17. Changed formation they have and so have we… there is no one up front… they can walk into our half unchallenged…. Appalling at present
  18. Politic needs to have a word with himself here… he’ll be sent off for disent before long!
  19. I agree, think it’s a great draw! Opportunity of an upset, we are at home! They are a very good outfit…. But so are we.
  20. Was Vale v Man City on the TV… don’t think it was from memory?
  21. Wilson could play for a year of Saturdays and still not score… he’s terrible! His 1st touch under pressure inside the box is dire, like he’s forever panicking… needs to have some lessons in composure?!?
  22. This goalkeeper is god damn rubbish, complete liability…
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