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  1. 8 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    There was a decent possibility that Turkey could join and there still is. They would like to join, the main thing that is preventing them is their unwillingness to sign up to the ECHR, and who can blame them.

    There is no chance of Turkey joining in the near future because the country is nowhere near meeting the EU’s eligibility criteria. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    Mainly the altercations Blair made in 1998 which gave ECHR control. He made a lot of changes which trebled net migration over night, these need to be changed so that our own courts can determine when someone’s human rights have been intervened. 

    So the changes you want are to do with control of our borders which Brexit was supposed to have sorted?!!!

  3. 58 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    Maybe, but it is the remainers who keep quoting none EU citizens. The campaign did highlight EU immigration and was quoting a very high chance of Turkey joining the EU. For some part of the country uncontrollable EU immigration was a major problem. Leaving The EU has resolved this issue.

    The Turkey threat was a complete red herring. 

  4. 58 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    In effect that the 1998 human rights act meant we are governed by ECHR, yes. We need to change this so that we aren’t governed by ECHR anymore and if that means scrapping the human rights act altogether and re writing a new one with no influence or control from outside the U.K. then this is what we should be looking to do. So, in effect, I don’t mean the ECHR but I do mean we need to get out of the legislation that gives ECHR control.

    Which sections of the Human Rights Act do you wish to change?

  5. 6 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    Leaving the EU was never going to give us full control. It is a step in the tight direction but a bigger step would be to pull out of the Human Rights Act. Always going to be difficult as we will never be able to return illegal immigrants back to France if that’s where they came from but we certainly should be able to if they have flown in and land with no documentation proving who they are.

    The Human Rights Act is a piece of UK legislation - do you mean the ECHR?  

  6. 1 hour ago, Alsager Whites said:

    I'm finding it a bit tedious that anyone who offers a different view from consensus is shut down on the basis that 'Flitcroft knows better, Trust the Process'. No attempt to argue with their original point is made - they're dismissed on the basis of being a layman. Appeal to authority, I believe it is called.

    Under this rationale, no one can ever discuss anything! Politics, music, art, film, television. All of those things were made by professionals with more training, ergo you can't discuss it as a layman. There's a predictable cycle at present - event happens, fans offer comment from their own perspective, same 5 people respond with 'you're just a fan, Flitcroft runs the club so trust the process!'. And repeat... dull as dishwater to read!

    Flitcroft has got things wrong since he came in. He's got far more right, but there is a few signings which were clearly not correct. Can we discuss the actual merits of the decisions instead of retreating behind sentiments such as "I never cease to be amazed at just how many on here have an 'insight' into everything that goes on at PV--I must be msising out somewhere!!!" and "In that case, Carol, DC and DF should all bow down and admit they’ve got this all wrong.", quoted from the last page alone!

    The cumulative hours of football watched on this forum is in the many thousands of hours. Fans offer a perspective on things without the personal biases that can come from working at a club full-time. It's silly and very boring to dismiss their views because they're not David Flitcroft. Mindless moaning for its own sake is of course rubbish, but some people make cogent points at times and are dismissed out of hand as there's this invisible process we should be following, with no one explaining exactly what said process entails!

    A few posters, understandably, approach decisions made by the club as inherently positive. Any decision the club makes is the right one. Trust the Process. I can get it, as we had a very good season last year, but I've been a Valiant long enough to retain and trust my own evaluation on things. Trust the Process is becoming a tedious trope, funny at first to lampoon Pope, but now becoming a shield to avoid actual discussion of Port Vale 'summer transfer targets/rumours'. 

    Just my two-penneth. I enjoy nothing more with a good football discussion with differing views with my brother in the Lorne Street, but since I decided to start posting Onevalefan appears to have become trusttheprocess.com.

    Agree absolutely. We are all allowed an opinion. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    Nope, real evidence please. 

    Her book is full of it, including some interesting stories about the man himself.

  8. 4 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    A fraction of the energy that other EU countries buy and least we are reducing the amount, unlike Germany who pretty well run the EU. And how do you work out their sovereignty?

    Of course London has more Russian oligarchs than Moscow!!

  9. 54 minutes ago, For Us All said:

    No,it was a lot more in SOT,we almost hit 70% and are known as the Brexit capital of Britain.We had experienced political disaffection and prolonged economic abandonment since joining the EU and couldn't see any point in voting remain.

    This is a very interesting and rather depressing read on why Stoke voted Brexit.


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  10. 15 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    Lucky we ended up with the best result then.

    Anyway, wrong thread for yet another Brexit debate. 

    Incorrect use of a superlative there, Phil!!!

  11. Your first sentence saying most people had no idea about the ins and outs of the EU is exactly why having a binary referendum on the matter was madness. 

  12. 7 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    Most people hadn’t got a clue of the ins and outs of the EU, benefits and pit falls. Who knew they were so difficult to trade with if not a member? 

    Clearly not those who voted to leave. 

  13. 2 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    And you know that?

    only ever hear that from the bitter remainers. 

    how about the remainers who didn’t know what they were voting for?

    Remainers knew what they were voting for because we already had it. 

  14. There may be some benefits to Brexit but even the most hardened Brexiteers have to admit that it is far from the promised land we were lead to believe would emerge. 

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